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Famous French restaurants in Paris : Le Procope is certainly THE café restaurant in Paris you HAVE to go. Legendary restaurant in Saint Germain, Le Procope is a historic place since 1686 where the greatest men met to talk during the Age of Enlightenment and the French revolution. There are two entrances to this historical restaurant : on the rue de l’Ancienne-Comedie and a “back” entrance called Le Passage de Cour de Commerce Saint-Andre.

Famous French restaurants in Paris

We recommend restaurants with a soul: Legendary restaurants, historical places, with a design, a decoration, an atmosphere, a view of Paris, where great people used to go and of course with delicious French traditional meals. In addition, we recommend Parisian trendy restaurants in a quiet and delightful street or district and make reservation for you.

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Le Procope the most legendary

The front of the restaurant, with its iron balconies, like the roof, were listed as historical monuments by a decree of January 20, 1962. Inside, many documents evoking the Revolution are present on the walls. A hat, said to be of Napoleon, is exposed at the entrance.

  • Le Procope offers French traditional cuisine with its specialties such as the Coq au vin (stew )
  • Lunch, dinner or tea time – just to have a break for a hot chocolate or a glass of wine
  • The average meal price with 3 courses is around 55 Euros per person.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789 is reproduced on one wall. Nowadays, The Café Procope is in the 18th century style : Pompeian red walls, crystal chandeliers, oval portraits of famous people who had been patrons, and a piano.

Age of Enlightenment most Famous French restaurants in Paris

Café of artists and intellectuals, it was frequented in the eighteenth century by Molière, Voltaire, Diderot and Alembert. Indeed, the café attracts philosophers who have their habits there. The legend says that the idea of ​​the Encyclopedia was born there from a conversation between d’Alembert and Diderot.

It has long remained a meeting place for writers and intellectuals such as Musset, Verlaine, Anatole France, politicians such as Gambetta and the “Tout Paris” meaning the fashionable and affluent elite of the city, who frequent fashionable events and places.

French revolution most Famous French restaurants in Paris

Another legend said that Benjamin Franklin prepared there the alliance project of Louis XVI with the new Republic during the French revolution and that he would have conceived elements of the future Constitution of the United States there. When Franklin died in 1790, a funeral service was improvised in the café in front of his portrait.

The small masters, court lords, philosophers gave their place away to the revolutionaries. The Cordeliers club met at Café Procope, with Danton and Marat the main figures of the revolution. It quickly became a revolutionary home. Robespierre and the Jacobins also have their habits there. On one of the walls, there is a quote from Camille Desmoulins :

“This café is not adorned like the others with mirrors, gilding and busts, but it is adorned with the memory of Great Men who frequented it and whose works would cover the walls if they were stored there. “

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