Tours with locals Paris : We are far away from mass tourism. We are Paris based with our Parisian network. We identify our clients’ priorities, desires and budget. We offer custom made trip with personalized services.

Tours with locals Paris according to your aspirations

PARIS BY EMY and its Parisian partners are a great network of locals, entrepreneurs, designers, chefs, guides, services providers, business owners to give you their best in order to provide you a lifetime memory Paris trip. No proposals are based on contractual agreement between PARIS BY EMY and locals providers when we offer you a particular service, product or activity in accordance to your aspirations.

The City of Paris is developing public policies around solidarity, economic development, the preservation of the environment, biodiversity, the circular economy, the development of each individual, social cohesion and solidarity between territories and generations, as well as responsible production and consumption methods.

No algorithm decides for you, artificial intelligence is not giving you pressure. We are unlocking human collective intelligence to sustainably boost every individual versus an elite supporting by AI or platform to gain only for itself wealth, growth & social well-being while enslaving individuals. 

Tours with locals in Paris Offer

There are no platforms, no automatism, no already-made tour. We create genuine custom made tour package with and by locals. We provide ongoing exchanges before and during your trip. You can reach us easily, for any question or request. We are fully dedicated to set the perfect Paris Tour Package for you and private tour guide, according to your budget.

Your trip is fully made in Paris by locals

PARIS BY EMY is a business which intrinsically links different cultures, history and Parisian experiences, benefiting from differences and discoveries that can bring women and men from any profile, background, religion, and gender, together. We offer high standing custom-made trip with personalized services upon your budget, Paris Tour Guide on specific themes with locals.

  • We are far away from impersonal travel experience
  • No large group tours. Just you will be cosseted
  • You can rely on our expertise and know how to experience Paris
  • True human considerations and cultural exchange with locals

We set your trip and book services, activities upon your approval thanks to a clear quotation.

  • Feel Paris in your heartbeat
  • Bask in serenity for your trip
  • Get off the beaten path
  • Be understood and cosseted
  • Optimize your time and budget
  • Follow your aspirations

Experience custom-made tours to take you off the beaten path towards authentic local spots.

Appreciate a Custom Made Trip by locals

Paris based, we plan according to your profile and budget your Paris Tours.

  • A Unique and Bountiful Experience of Joy and Enchantment
  • An Educational and Knowledgeable Trip with fun to open our Souls
  • The Respect of Each Other to build social links across the world
  • The Openness between one another for a Mutually Beneficial Impact

We are all fluent in English. Far away from mass tourism, we custom your tours with ongoing exchange without platform

We set your tour upon your preferences and PARIS BY EMY themes such as Parisian icons, Historical Paris, French Cuisine, Art & museums, Sacred places, Landmarks & sightseeing, Shopping, Entertainment, Green Paris, Outside Paris such as the region of Champagne, Burgundy for a wine tasting…

Discover Cosmopolitan Paris Tours with locals

Enjoy cosmopolite Paris for a cultural tailor-made voyage within your own culture ! Indeed, Paris is a cosmopolitan city. In other words, you can find communities and activities from all continents. Paris has lots of social and cultural events all year long. They can be integrated in your itinerary.

  • Cultural centers
  • Sacred places
  • Celebrations
  • Social events
  • Art exhibitions
  • Restaurants
  • Boutiques…

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