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Group Trips to Paris : We gives you fabulous adventures for small groups or groups of friends, full of lifetime memories. Savor a customized tour from a Parisian company.

Group Trips to Paris PARIS BY EMY

Group Trips to Paris

Paris has more than 1,500 hotels, 13,000 restaurants, 2,200 historical monuments, 200 museums, 260 theaters, 3 opera houses, 110 churches, 5,300 petites boutiques, … without talking about seasonal exhibitions and social events in the City of Paris. Let’s be guided by PARIS BY EMY to plan your group trip.

With the Specific Demand Package

PARIS BY EMY set an itinerary according to your expectations and budget. We deliver savings to your travel budget : time and money. Wherever you need help in optimising the way you book your trip or you’re looking to visit Paris, we are here to serve you.

Paris Tour Package by PARIS BY EMY

We set your trip to satisfy everyone’s wishes and at the same time to share a fabulous experience.

  • The aspirations of each one is fulfilled
  • The group itinerary is made for each of you

Group Trips to Paris Tailor-made

The most interesting way to discover Paris is to do what speaks to your soul. According to your priorities and budget, via PARIS BY EMY themes, we plan your trip :


What to do in Paris for group trips by PARIS BY EMYFeel Paris heartbeat

Bask in serenity in Paris – Get off the beaten path – Be understood and cosseted – Optimize your time and budget – Have an authentic insight for Group Trips to Paris into French culture with a French local company and its network.

  • Genuine personalized voyage according to each client
  • No platform, no algorithm, no already-made Paris Tours
  • Just real human exchanges for an authentic insight into Paris

Private group trip to Paris by PARIS BY EMY

Private Tour Guide for Group Trips to Paris

You are who you are, we plan the perfect Paris Trip for you, your way. You have personalized services with local expertise, according to your aspirations.

Paris Private Tour Guide

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