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Paris Trip Planner

Like a wedding planner, PARIS BY EMY creates a tailor-made trip for each clients' personal preferences. Whether you are solo, a couple, a family or a group, make the most of your time: discover iconic landmarks, explore hidden gems, embrace French culture, try local cuisine, experience spiritual sites and go off the beaten track. Be receptive to different perspectives, and allow Paris to unfold its unique charm.

Paris-based within a fabulous network, let me enhance your travel journey by a wide array of custom-made tours, services and packages such as: personalized itinerary, private tour guide with optional private driver, airport hotel transfer, hotel and restaurant recommendations, leisure activity booking, luxury shopping tour. Your trip is personalized with expertise, efficient and consistent management according to your aspiration.

PARIS BY EMY provides a travel experience for each client based on ongoing support before and during your stay through genuine human exchange: no platform, no already-made. Be cosseted and enjoy a stress-free travel. Each moment, interaction, and discovery contributes to a personalized adventure that is exclusively yours. Cultural discovery is an enriching experience while enjoying Paris beauty.