Walking Private Tour Tuide Paris

Private Tour Guide Paris : Choose districts, sightseeing, activities… or just let yourself be carried for a Paris city highlights by PARIS BY EMY. We create just for you a specific tour. We set true custom made Private Tour Paris with hotel pick up.


Bespoke Private Tour Guide Paris

You have the flexibility to explore at your own pace and linger in places that captivate you. PARIS BY EMY walking private tour guide Paris goes beyond the conventional online booked private tours because it offers you a unique journey that caters to your interests, preferences with recommendations.

  • Tour upon your preferences
  • A local private guide just for you
  • Hotel pick up or at any meeting point
  • Private driver in option for X hours
  • No constraints of mass tourism
  • No already-made tours
  • No large impersonal groups

You can custom your tour and adapt the itinerary on the go, thus allowing you to spend more time at a place that captivates you or make impromptu detours. This flexibility ensures that your tour is uniquely yours unlike service providers such as Get Your Guide, Viator and so forth.

Tailor-Made Private Tour Guide

PricingNumber of peopleDurationCustom Features
From 300 EurosUp to 6 persons3 hoursWith hotel pick up
From 600 EurosUp to 6 persons6 hoursHotel pick up lunch break
From 200 EurosPer person2 hoursMuseum licensed guide
From 300 EurosPer person5 hoursVersailles licensed guide
Upon quotationYour choiceYour choiceYour choice
Our private tour guide comes with customization, recommendations, tickets booking and ongoing support. Please, note that the tour's itinerary will be sent ONLY once you have booked upon your quotation.

Flexible Private Tour Guide Paris

Before you reach Paris, you tell me what you really want to do. Then, I set your tour the way you want it with an adequate time frame and efficient time management. We exchange by email and phone to custom your private tour guide before your arrival in Paris once you have booked.

  • Hour (s), ½ Day (s), Full Day (s)
  • Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • When during your stay
  • Where in Paris and outside Paris
  • What to discover and experience
  • And a MIX of all your interests

The sooner you let me know your walking private tour guide preferences, the better. Defining and creating tailor-made tours takes time. In addition, booking in advance assures you of my availability and other service providers including museums tickets, leisure activities, … if you choose a Custom-Made Package.

How to proceed ?

Send PARIS BY EMY a contact form or an email with the information below :

  • What day and time you would like to have your private tour
  • How many persons will take the bespoke tour
  • How many hours (in general walking tours last 3 hours)
  • What things you would like to cover such as themes, districts, landmarks, monuments…

PARIS BY EMY will send you a quotation according to your request.

Bespoke and Private Itinerary

Once you have booked, you will receive an itinerary proposal by email:

  • You can adjust and modify your itinerary
  • You get PARIS BY EMY recommendations
  • Your itinerary is validated upon your approval before your arrival

You can adjust when it is feasible your itinerary on the go

Le Maris Private Tour Guide PARIS BY EMY

Tell me what you want to experience in Paris

Most successful private tour guide in Paris is the historical districts tour. Our tours are very flexible to your interests. They give you a great insight of Paris from a social and cultural point of view, with amazing iconic landmarks, French history, art, food, shopping, politics, philosophy, writers, sacred places…

Have a little Mix of everything according to your aspirations so you will be able to appreciate Paris and the French culture at its highest !


Be Open to Recommendations

Authenticity plays a pivotal role in making your tour meaningful. Online booking private tours often lack this vital element, leaving travelers with an already-made private tour of Paris. We have lots of expertise about Paris lifestyle, and recommendations to give you. Within a Parisian network, we are far away from already-made and mass tourism.

  • Recommendations during the creation of your tour before your arrival
  • Recommendations during your tour when you are in Paris

Be willing to explore off the beaten path because, you never know what hidden gems you might discover along the way. Moreover, while it’s important to have a plan, it’s also essential to be open to spontaneity and serendipity.

Private tour guide Paris PARIS BY EMY Paris Trip Planner

Come & see what speaks to your soul

Paris is an amazing city, full of historical districts (Paris has 20 arrondissements), more than 200 art museums, thousands of gourmet restaurants, fashion designers, monumental landmarks, holy places… Check my 10 PARIS BY EMY themes :

  • PARISIAN ICONS – Come up with Paris story by those who made it.
  • HISTORICAL PARIS – Paris is a city with an amazing history starting with Roman Empire
  • FRENCH CUISINE – Discover historical brasseries parisiennes, gourmet restaurants, cafés
  • ART & MUSEUMS – There are more than 200 museums about sciences, history, “visual arts”
  • SACRED PLACES – Paris is a Catholic stronghold with its 160 churches, the cathedral of Notre Dame
  • LANDMARKS & SIGHTSEEING – Paris has 20 districts, called in French arrondissements
  • SHOPPING – Paris is the temple of shoppers, sustainable shopping, chic shopping, arts and crafts
  • ENTERTAINMENT – Fun for every one, kids, adults, elderly, one of the most famous is Disneyland Paris
  • GREEN PARIS – Forests, parks, gardens, the City of Paris is engaged in a sustainable process
  • OUTSIDE PARIS – Discover Normandy and its landing beach, Champagne, Auvers sur Oise…

You are not just a number booking online but a unique individual with his/her own aspirations, preferences and personality.


Trendy Paris Private Tour Guide

  • Expertise from a Parisian company

Have a personalized tour by a local and its Parisian network. Visit Paris with hints of Paris life style, stories and personalized tour services. There is no better way to enjoy the City of Lights free of tourist traps and mass tourism. Be aware of trendy boutiques, trendy places such as cafés, restaurants, trendy things to do in order to discover the real Parisian life style and attitude.

  • Social Events and art exhibitions according to your profile

Furthermore, I can integrate in a private tour Parisian social events that fit in your profile. Paris has tones of social events and exhibitions all year long, the festival Paris Plage during summer, Bastille Day Celebration, the illuminations of the Champs Elysées during winter, tones of Fair Trades, National celebrations, harvest festival of Montmartre, sport events such as Tour de France arrival…


Cultural Private Tour Guide Paris

In philosophy, culture designates what is different from nature. In sociology, culture is defined as “what is common to a group of individuals” and as “what unites it”, that is to say what is learned, transmitted, produced and invented :

  • Clothing, fashion
  • Food, French cuisine
  • Arts, Architecture
  • Religions and beliefs
  • Laws and systems of government
  • Norms, values and morals
  • Historical facts and sciences
  • Lifestyle, traditions and habits

You will explore the Parisian lifestyle and French culture by unlocking a world of experiences, allowing you to discover the city through the eyes of a local. Paris offers something for everyone with insider knowledge, and the flexibility to tailor your journey.

Private Tour Guide Benefits

  • Your preferences are catered

Whether you are traveling solo, with family, or as a couple, PARIS BY EMY ensures that your preferences are catered to, creating cherished itineraries that resonate with your specific interests.

  • Without worrying about logistics

By choosing a custom-made tour, you benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our experience. This ensures that you can focus on enjoying your trip without worrying about logistics concerns.

  • Meaningful interactions with locals

Custom-made tours facilitate meaningful interactions with locals, allowing you to learn about Parisian customs, traditions, and daily life. PARIS BY EMY focus on cultural tours.

The thinker Rodin museum by PARIS BY EMY Paris Trip Planner

Private Tour Guide Paris Booking

Your Paris private tour guide is set upon your approval with PARIS BY EMY recommendations. Booking is made by credit card. Our system complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), meeting the highest requirements in terms of bank security.

Planning a trip to Paris - booking by credit card with PARIS BY EMY

Private Walking or Private Driving Tour ?

The choice between a private walking tour and a private driving tour ultimately depends on your budget, preferences, priorities, and physical abilities. Both options offer unique advantages and drawbacks, allowing you to tailor your exploration of Paris to suit your individual needs. Our favorite vehicule for Private Car Service Paris is the Mercedes Class EQV, the Electric V Class Mercedes minivan offering a greener mode of transportation.

  • Benefits of Private Walking Tour Guide

Walking through the charming streets and alleys of Paris provides an intimate perspective that’s unmatched by other forms of transportation. You’ll have the chance to soak in the ambiance of each neighborhood, admiring the intricate details of historic architecture and stumbling upon hidden gems off the beaten path.

One of the highlights of a private walking tour is the opportunity to uncover hidden gems that are often overlooked by traditional tourist routes. You will be lead to tucked-away cafes, vibrant street art, and serene courtyards that embody the authentic spirit of Paris.

  • Drawbacks of Private Walking Tour Guide

While exploring Paris on foot offers many rewards, it also requires physical exertion that may take a lot of energy for everyone. Long walks across the city’s sprawling landscape can be tiring, especially for travelers with mobility issues or health concerns.

Although private walking tours allow for in-depth exploration of specific areas, they may not cover as much ground as other modes of transportation. If your goal is to see as many attractions as possible within a limited time frame, a walking tour might not be the most efficient option.

Traffic restrictions during the Olympics

The Olympic and Paralympic Games will mainly take place in the heart of the city, in temporary stadiums: an exceptional setting for athletes and spectators from around the world. To ensure the safety and protection of residents, athletes and visitors, state services will set up perimeters around the competition venues. These perimeters will result in access restrictions or diversions for motorized vehicles. Traffic restrictions will not affect pedestrians, so better to have walking tour guide during the Olympics. https://parisbyemy.com/paris-olympics-2024/


How to choose a Paris Private Tour Guide ?

Selecting the right private tour guide can make a significant difference in the quality of your travel experience. Be careful with fake reviews and fake likes. Some tourism companies do not hesitate to use agencies to provide false reviews. It could be a private tour company, like a private driver company and for any business actually.

Fake reviews, likes and comments from some tourism companies

  • They enlist the services of agencies that offer fake review packages for a fee
  • They create fake accounts or use bots to artificially inflate engagement metrics
  • Manipulation of algorithms used by online review platforms and search engines
  • Loopholes in these algorithms, companies can ensure their fake reviews appear prominently

The issue of fake reviews is a matter of ethics and an underground international business. Those companies not only betray the trust of their customers but also undermine the integrity of the feedback system as a whole. Governments and digital giants such as Google are increasingly cracking down on those companies.

What are the good reflex to choose a Paris private tour guide ?

  • Before making a decision, take the time to research potential tour guides online on search engine
  • Read reviews from previous clients, examine the language and tone of the review to detect fact reviews
  • Seek recommendations from friends, family, or fellow travelers who have had positive experiences
  • Reach out to potential guides directly to discuss your needs, preferences, their services and your budget

Cultural sensitivity is crucial when interacting with locals and visiting sacred sites or culturally significant landmarks. Choose a guide who demonstrates respect for local customs, traditions, and etiquette, and who can help you navigate cultural differences with grace and sensitivity.

PARIS BY EMY can put you in touch with previous clients, mostly American, if you feel like it. We can discuss your interests and preferences by email and/or phone as well.

A preliminary conversation can help you assess their professionalism, and compatibility before committing to a booking. Trust your instincts when making your selection.

Paris Trip Planner


Price depends on chosen options, number of people and duration of your stay
Exchange via email and phone to customize Paris trip before your arrival
Ongoing support for questions, unforeseen events during your stay
Itinerary, tailor-made with booking, for each day of your trip
From 3 star hotel recommendations according to your criteria
Airport hotel transfer with private chauffeur at your disposal
Parisian and gourmet Restaurants recommendations with reservation
Leisure activities recommendations and booking such as baking, biking...
Walking private tour guide Paris for 1/2 day(s), full day(s)
Driving Private tour guide Paris with a private driver at your disposal
Museum private tour with licensed guide for 2 hours minimum
Skip the line entrance ticket booking for museums and landmarks
Special Event organization such as marriage proposal
And more if you need more !

Choose a Luxury Paris Tour Package

As a Paris Trip Planner, PARIS BY EMY plans your voyage from your arrival to your departure, ONLY personalized services, without a platform. Your tailor-made Paris Tour Package is created step by step with ongoing exchange by email and telephone, before your arrival and during your stay for recommendations and unforeseen events.

If you choose a personalized package, we usually recommend our clients to start with a driving tour guide and then once you have seen your favorite districts, you have a walking Paris private tour guide in the districts that make most sense for you. Cherry on the cake, you take a museum private tour with a licensed guide, expert in your favorite museum’s art collection. it is all about customization.

Paris based, with a fabulous Parisian network, our ultimate goal is to offer our clients a luxury and personalized trip, a deep insight about the Parisian lifestyle. Customized full stay itinerary, skip-the-line tickets, museum private tour with a licensed guide, unique leisure activities booking such as cooking, wine tasting…, private driver services within Paris, Normandy, Champagne…, great location hotel recommendations and restaurant recommendations with reservation as well.

Contact for free quotation

Get in touch for a free quotation

Email contact@parisbyemy.com Tel/WhatsApp +33767389625

Detailed request fully appreciated. Before to choose options, remember every chosen option has a cost. "Rome was not built in one day" : It takes time to create a bespoke tour or a full stay Paris trip. No already-made and no platform. Each request is unique with genuine exchange.

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