Paris Private Tour with Private Chauffeur

Luxury Private Car Service Paris : You have the possibility to ask for a private tour guide AND a private chauffeur but also for a private driver ONLY with personalized itinerary, set by PARIS BY EMY both according to your preferences. 


Private Electric Car Service Paris

While exploring this enchanting city, PARIS BY EMY and its business partners are opting for a greener mode of transportation thanks to electric vehicles (EVs).

Our favorite car is the Mercedes Class EQV, the Electric V Class Mercedes minivan when available and for short distance within Paris

By eliminating the combustion of fossil fuels, EVs help decrease the release of carbon dioxide and other pollutants into the atmosphere, thereby mitigating climate change and its associated impacts.


Car for your Paris Luxury Private Tour Guide

Business partners such as Private Driver Agency and PARIS BY EMY demonstrate the quality of its luxuring touring services in Paris with certified VTC drivers.

  • Mercedes Class EQV :  The Electric V Class clean means of transport up to 7 passengers
  • Mercedes E Class : The Electric E Class Berline transport 2 passengers
  • Mercedes S Class : The Electric S Class prestigeous luxury sedan
  • Mercedes V Class : The V Class is ideal for long distance trips outside Paris

We provide high standing services with genuine tour customization.

Private Electric Car Service Paris

Our private car services come with customization, recommendations, booking and ongoing support. You can add extra hours on the way, payment is made by credit card or cash within the car.
PricingFeaturesDriver Day DurationNumber of people
From 550 EurosItinerary onlyMinimum 4 hours1 to 7 passengers
From 850 EurosItinerary and GuideMinimum 4 hours1 to 6 passengers
From 150 EurosAirport Hotel TransferIncludes flight delay1 to 7 passengers
From 1,400 EurosChampagne tour GuideMinimum 6 hours1 to 6 passengers
From 1,400 EurosLoire Valley tour GuideMinimum 6 hours1 to 6 passengers
From 1,650 EurosNormandy tour GuideMinimum 10 hours1 to 6 passengers
From 150 EurosExtra hour payment in car1 hour guide and driver1 to 6 passengers
Ask for a quoteParis and outside ParisMinimum 4 hoursYour choice

The Greatest Comfort and Equipment

  • VTC certified driver
  • Sanitized car before each service
  • Air-conditioning
  • Bottles of water
  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • Phone chargers
  • Child seat or booster seat if needed
  • Umbrellas at your disposal

Traffic restrictions during Paris Olympics

From Friday July 26 to Sunday August 11, the Olympic Games will be held, then from August 28 to September 8, the Paralympic Games. The games will impact your travel. To ensure the safety and protection of residents, athletes and visitors, state services will set up perimeters around the competition venues.

These perimeters will result in access restrictions or diversions for motorized vehicles. Traffic restrictions will not affect pedestrians, cyclists and scooter users in the red and blue perimeters.

Personalized Itinerary

PARIS BY EMY customizes your itinerary before your arrival with ongoing exchange upon our expertise, travel planner and driver agency.

  • Draft itinerary sent by email for your approval
  • Finalized itinerary before your arrival in Paris
  • Optimized transportation itinerary from your pick up
  • Adjustment of your itinerary according to your profile
  • Coordination with the private driver company
  • Driver name, phone and car plate number sent by email
  • Ongoing support from PARIS BY EMY during your tour

We craft itineraries tailored to optimize your time, to your specific interests and preferences, with our recommendations.

Guide AND Private Driver Convenience

  • Having both a private chauffeur AND a private guide gives you the opportunity to stop and being drop off for a quick stop or a long walking tour that was or was not included
  • With our Car Service Paris, it is possible to adjust your private tour itinerary on your way. Your guide will be in charge to coordinate the changes and your time management with the driver
  • In addition, parking spots are limited and Parisian traffic like in every big city is heavy. Thus, you can stop and go to visit without limitations with your guide while your driver parking

Private Car Service Paris Flexibility

  • You can adapt your itinerary on the go and stops according to your preferences and needs for both option : driver only OR guide with driver.
  • You can spend more time on such and such stop/site listed in your bespoke itinerary according to your interests for fabulous photo breaks.
  • You will be able to walk in Parisian streets into iconic monuments and historical districts, stop for a little shopping tour or food tour.
  • You will be able to take a pause to use a bathroom, and a lunch or snack break in a typical brasserie within your custom-made itinerary.
  • PARIS BY EMY gives you the recommendations you need regarding monuments, districts, cafés, restaurants, gardens, parks, … upon your interests.

Components of Private Car Service Paris

Private car services ensure seamless transportation, saving valuable time and energy. In addition, nothing beats the expertise and personal touch of PARIS BY EMY’s expertise.

  • Hotel pick up or at any meeting point
  • Custom-made flexible itinerary
  • Itinerary upon your approval
  • Minimum of 4 Hours private driver
  • Possibility to add extra hours on the way
  • Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • No already-made each tour is unique
  • Recommendations upon your profile

Be carefull with private drivers tour agency who offer you a so called “bespoke itinerary” : in fact, they provide already-made driving tours according to their OWN convenience avoiding difficult districts or landmarks to drive and to park.

Private Car Service Paris Options

Custom your itinerary according to your aspirations, profile, with our expertise. 2 options are offered to you according to your budget :

  • A private driver ONLY with custom-made itinerary and permanent contact (budget friendly)
  • A private guide AND a private driver with custom-made itinerary (high standard of service)

We possess in-depth knowledge of the city’s iconic monuments and districts, including transportation optimization and skip-the-line tickets booking.

Safety first during a driving tour

Distractions are shown to compromise the safety of the passengers, pedestrians, and people in other vehicles.

  • Your driver does not have anything else to do than DRIVING

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration – branch of the US Transportation Department, driver distractions are the leading cause of most vehicle crashes and near-crashes. Thus, having both a private driver AND a private guide allows the driver to pay fully attention on driving tasks.

Distraction is a human habit, but there are a lot of ways to control it. The first, and most effective, is to ensure that your driver does not have anything else to do in the car than DRIVING, PARKING and ADAPTING to the different stops.

  • In our tours the private driver will NEVER be a guide

PARIS BY EMY offers private driver only with personalized itinerary for friendly budget. In addition, certain driving agencies are social dumping when they use a driver who is both a guide while putting safety at stake. A driver is a driver and a guide is a guide.

Don’t worry, you can adapt your itinerary on the go and stops according to your preferences and needs for both option : driver only OR guide with driver.

Your driver and you will receive your tailor-made itinerary by email upon your approval before your arrival for both option : driver only OR guide with driver.

Private tours Paris with private chauffeur by PARIS BY EMY

Private Car Service Within Paris

Visiting Paris with a private guide and a private car service offer a seamless and personalized way to explore the City of Lights. It promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of Paris with hop on and hop off. A cultural driving tour is not about choosing monuments, only.

The Best is to have a Parisian mix of everything according to your interests and preferences upon our recommendations. Be open to our recommendations and expertise as well.

Exploring Surrounding Areas

While Paris itself offers a wealth of attractions, the surrounding areas are also worth exploring. Visit the enchanting village of Giverny, the former home of Impressionist painter Claude Monet. For wine enthusiasts, a visit to the Champagne region offers the opportunity to taste exquisite sparkling wines and explore historic vineyards.

The thinker Rodin museum by PARIS BY EMY Paris Trip Planner

Walking Tour or Driving Tours ?

When deciding between a private walking tour and a private driving tour of Paris, several factors should be taken into account such as your budget but also :

  • Personal Preferences: Consider your preferences for exploration. Are you more drawn to leisurely strolls through charming neighborhoods or the convenience of covering more ground ?
  • Time Constraints: Evaluate the duration of your visit to Paris and the amount of time you have available for sightseeing. Walking tours may offer a more leisurely pace

Advantages of Private Car Service

Comfort and Convenience

One of the primary benefits of opting for a private driving tour of Paris is the comfort and convenience it provides. Traveling in a private vehicle allows you to navigate the city with ease, avoiding the hassle of public transportation or navigating crowded streets on foot. With air-conditioned comfort and ample legroom, you can relax and enjoy the sights without worrying about fatigue or discomfort.

Covering More Ground

Unlike walking tours, private driving tours offer the advantage of covering a larger area of the city in a shorter amount of time. With a knowledgeable driver behind the wheel, you can visit multiple landmarks and neighborhoods without the constraints of physical exertion. This is particularly advantageous for travelers with limited time who want to maximize their sightseeing opportunities without feeling rushed.

Accessibility for Those with Mobility Issues

For travelers with mobility issues or disabilities, private driving tours offer a convenient and accessible way to explore Paris. With door-to-door service and wheelchair-accessible vehicles available, everyone can enjoy the beauty and charm of the city without limitations. This inclusivity ensures that all travelers can experience the magic of Paris firsthand, regardless of their physical abilities.

Disadvantages of Private Driving Tours

Less Intimate Experience

While private driving tours offer comfort and convenience, they may lack the intimate experience of walking through the streets of Paris. Sitting inside a vehicle can create a barrier between you and the city, limiting opportunities for spontaneous interactions with locals and immersive cultural experiences. If you value authentic connections and up-close encounters, a walking tour may be more suitable for your preferences.

Limited Interaction with Locals

Exploring Paris by car may also result in limited interaction with locals, as you’re confined to the vehicle for the majority of the tour. Unlike walking tours where you can engage with shop owners, street performers, and residents along the way, private driving tours often keep you distanced from the vibrant pulse of the city. While your guide can offer valuable insights and commentary, the opportunity for genuine interactions with Parisians may be somewhat restricted.

Private Driving Tour

We do not recommend to visit a museum such a big as the Louvre during a driving private tour because you do not want to pay a driver to stay inside the car while you are visiting a museum for at least 2 hours. The investment of hiring a private driver, with or without guide, is better cushioned for a full customized driving tour accross Paris with brief stops, hop on and hop off.

However, you may choose high services and convenience by focusing on quality over quantity, depending on your budget. However, making longer stop to visit landmarks or not so touristy sites is much more wiser. PARIS BY EMY can book tickets for a specific day and time frame according to your itinerary.

Luxury Private Driver Paris Professionalism

The VTC or large discount driver drives people in so-called luxury touring vehicles as part of their trips. To be a VTC private driver, you must hold a professional VTC card that must be on the windshield of his/her vehicle. It is exactly the same for licensed guides, they must have a professional card.

The best and historical private luxury touring company in France is Chabé. Visionary, Maurice Chabé, returning from the Great War, decided to serve the clientele of Parisian Palaces during the Roaring Twenties. Building on his father’s experience who owned a few cabs, he bought his first car and drove it himself in 1921. Chabé is now present in 13 cities in Europe and offers its services in 100 countries. In addition, the Maurice Chabé Academy has supported since 2008 learners in the profession of driver and holders of a professional card that must be on the vehicle’s windshield.

Luxury chauffeur-driven cars must have an engine with a power greater than 88kw (i.e. 120 horsepower), have between 4 and 9 seats, be more than 4.5 meters long, be less than 6 years old and offer comfort and “standing” interior fittings. Be careful of unscrupulous companies that offer a private driver who is a guide at the same time or would give you insights. For safety reasons, it is mandatory that drivers are only driving. Some companies also display fake reviews thanks to agencies providing them with a high volume of positive feedback for a fee, be aware of that.

Zero-tolerance approach to labor exploitation

Labour exploitation is the abuse of people in the workplace for profit such as

  • Having wages and paperwork being controlled by another person
  • Being forced to work long hours without breaks
  • Being subjected to poor workplace health and safety…

We expect the same high standards from all of business partners.

Private driver service Paris with personalized tours by PARIS BY EMY

Luxury Private Car Service Paris

PARIS BY EMY works with Paris based French companies of car services that respect the security rules, car insurance, car fleet maintenance, and providing professional VTC drivers holders of a professional card, fluent in English. We have a great Business Network and the experience with the best and most serious private driver companies willing to provide the greatest experience.

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