Paris Private Tour with Private Chauffeur

Private Car Service Paris : You have the possibility to ask for a private tour guide and a private chauffeur for tailor-made private visit according to your desires and aspirations, but also for a private driver only with personalized itinerary set by PARIS BY EMY according to your preferences. 

Custom Made Private Tour Guide with Private Chauffeur

Taxes includedNumber of peoplePrices depend on the type of car, duration and personalized itinerary
From 280 EurosUp to 6 persons3 hours with private driver only and tailor made itinerary
From 430 EurosUp to 6 persons3 hours with private guide AND private driver
From 815 EurosUp to 6 persons6 hours with private guide AND private driver
From 560 EurosUp to 6 persons6 hours with private driver only and tailor made itinerary
From 800 EurosUp to 6 persons10 hours with private driver only and tailor made itinerary
From 1,100 EurosUp to 6 persons10 hours with private guide AND private driver
Ask for a quoteYour choiceIn and outside Paris, with private driver only or including a private guide

Safety first with a private chauffeur AND a guide

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration – branch of the US Transportation Department, driver distractions are the leading cause of most vehicle crashes and near-crashes. Thus, having both a private driver AND a private guide allows the driver to pay fully attention on driving tasks.

Private tours Paris with private chauffeur by PARIS BY EMY

Distractions are shown to compromise the safety of the driver, passengers, pedestrians, and people in other vehicles. Distraction is a human habit, but there are a lot of ways to control it. The first, and most effective, is to ensure that your driver does not have anything in the car that will distract him/her. Thus, in our tours we strongly recommend you to have a private chauffeur AND a private guide. Other option, we offer private driver with personalized itinerary.

Private Car Service Paris Options

Many options are offered to you according to your budget with in any case a custom made itinerary just made for you :

  • A private driver only with custom made itinerary and permanent contact with us €
  • A private guide AND a private driver with custom made itinerary €€
  • A licensed private guide AND a private driver with custom made itinerary €€€

We do not offer services that provide you a private driver who is at the same time your private guide for safety reasons.

Billing and payments occur online, payment with a credit card or a bank-transfer. Several billing and payments can occur in the case of the customer needs to make a deposit and/or wants to add services.

Payment by credit card planning a travel to Paris.

Your payment transactions are encrypted using SSL and the AES algorithm that comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), meeting the highest requirements in terms of bank security.

Having a private chauffeur AND a private guide give you SAFE and very high standing services.

Paris airport transfers by PARIS BY EMY

Genuine Custom Made Private Tour with private chauffeur

We custom and book Private Car Service Paris

  • For the number of people you are
  • For the number of hours you want to have it during your stay
  • The private chauffeur will do the itinerary we will have set for you, tailor-made for you
  • We plan before your arrival a personalized itinerary according to your aspirations

Ask for an airport hotel transfer with private chauffeur. If it is the case, it would be the same driver to offer you the perfect services with friendliness. Our drivers are fluent in English with ongoing contact with PARIS BY EMY during your tour.

Flexibility for your Paris personalized itinerary

With our custom-made Private Car Service Paris, it is possible to modify your private tour itinerary.

Having both a private chauffeur AND a private guide gives you the opportunity to stop and being drop off for a quick stop or a long walking tour that was or was not included initially in your custom-made itinerary.

In addition, parking spots are limited and Parisian traffic like in every big city is heavy. Thus, you can stop and go to visit without limitations with your private guide while your  private driver being in the car at the same time.

Choose your car for your Paris Private Tour Guide

  • Mercedes E Class : The perfect mid-size luxury sedan
  • Mercedes S Class : The S Class will impress you
  • Mercedes-Maybach : Combination of Mercedes S Class perfection with Maybach exclusivity
  • Bentley Continental Flying Spur : Generous proportions and bespoke handcrafted interiors
  • Rolls Royce Phantom : Timeless elegance car with luxury and comfort
  • Lincoln Limousine : Transform your ride into a prestigious and unforgettable experience
  • Mercedes V Class : The V Class is ideal for business and visitors trips
  • Volkswagen Caravelle : Dedicated for mini groups, the Caravelle is the perfect partner
  • Mercedes Sprinter 16 : Ideal mini coach for group trips and transfers
  • Iveco Turbo Daily 19 : A modern mini coach, perfect for group trips
  • Mercedes Travego : With a chauffeur for all your trips with large groups

Moreover, you can add options such as champagne aboard, stop for photographer shooting to immortalize your stay in Paris, whatever you are looking for. We help you to make this trip very special.

Your Private Tour with Private Car Service Paris

We are far away from mass tourism with Private Car Service Paris. We create genuine custom-made tour according to your aspirations. Have a look at our PARIS BY EMY themes and at our OFF BEATEN PATH section  if you need ideas.

Within Paris Custom Made Tours

Around Paris Personalized Tours

  • The Palace of Versailles, its Trianon, hamlet, gardens and park
  • Claude Monet’s Giverny House & Gardens and the waterlilies
  • The region of Champagne the king of wines story
  • Van Gogh’s beloved Auvers-sur-Oise picturesque town…

In addition to Private Car Service Paris

Like a wedding planner, PARIS BY EMY offers you lifetime memories, full of delight and fun ! Check our Paris Tour Package.

To set a trip in such a big city like Paris takes time. Thus, the sooner you inform us about your plan to travel to Paris, the better it would be for your aspirations valuation and trip setting regarding reservation and booking.

Your Paris trip is a 100% personalized.

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