Cost of a trip to Paris : Travelers need help with their Paris trip plans. Wise travelers will work with a professional planner to ensure a seamless, stress-free trip and optimized trip. Where to begin ? And how much does a Paris Trip Planner cost ? We will give you an average on your expenses such as hotel, food and drink, touring , shopping for a global budget overview with PARIS BY EMY services.

Hotel recommendations where to stay in Paris by PARIS BY EMY

Hotel cost of trip to Paris

250 Euros per night for 2 persons – 3 star hotel

The hotel choices of Paris satisfies all budgets. We recommend you to choose a minimum of 3 star hotel. Depending on the location and features, for a 3 star hotel, intramuros (it means within Paris) and center of Paris, within a good location or district, nearby the metro, nice restaurants, nice walking tours, you need around 250 Euros per night for 2 persons, most of the time with breakfast included. Search for a hotel with a nice buffet for breakfast, it will give you the good energy for your day.

  • We offer 3 hotel recommendations according to your criteria and budget
  • Each accommodation is carefully reviewed by PARIS BY EMY
  • The recommendations are sent by email and you make your choice
  • We have not signed particular agreements with any hotels

At the same time, you will love to have croissant and pain au chocolat with your coffee, with jam, honey and butter. PARIS BY EMY provides hotel recommendation on where to stay in Paris. The most important criteria is the location of your hotel.

The best restaurants in Paris by PARIS BY EMY

Food and drink budget

For one person – adult, budget 90 Euros per day

If you book your hotel with breakfast, one of these mornings, you might want to get a breakfast in a very famous café. At least, do it once just to feel the genuine Parisian atmosphere. During your day, you need to budget lunch, snack and dinner. On average, for one person – adult, budget 90 Euros per day and per person, including lunch, snack and nice dinner with wine and drinks.

PARIS BY EMY can recommend and book very nice restaurant for you, lunch or dinner, have a look at restaurants in Paris. Again, we have not signed particular agreements with any restaurants. In addition, we recommend exclusive gourmet restaurants for big budget.

Private group trip to Paris by PARIS BY EMY

Touring cost of trip to Paris

25 Euros with audio-guide per person for an adult and per museum/landmark

Touring cost will depend on how many attractions, museums, landmarks, activities such as cooking class, dancing class, day trip to Versailles, boat tours, Eiffel Tower tour, wine tasting tour… you want to visit or do. On average, count 20 Euros with audio-guide per person for an adult and per museum/landmark.

Moreover, if you decide to visit Champagne region for example, you might expand your budget. For such a personalized day trip with custom made itinerary, count around 600 extra Euros with a private chauffeur. Do not forget a budget for transportation (metro, taxi, private chauffeur).

Shopping Christmas time in Paris by PARIS BY EMY

In addition, you can look for a private tour guide. We also offer custom made itinerary and tailor made Paris Tour Package.

Personalized Paris Tour Package

Price depends on the chosen options, the number of people and duration of your stay
Itinerary, tailor-made, for each day of your trip
3 accommodation recommendations according to your criteria
Airport hotel transfer with private chauffeur at your disposal
Restaurants recommendations according to your taste
Leisure activities recommendations according to your profile
Private Tour Guide Paris for 1/2 Day(s), full Day(s), Evening(s)
Private Tour Guide Paris with a private chauffeur at your disposal
Booking made for private car services, restaurants, leisure activities
Skip the line entrance ticket booking for museums and landmarks
And more if you need more !

Shopping spending

Regarding this expense, it is really up to you. However, you should forecast a budget for it because you will spend money for souvenirs from Paris. We offer private tour shopping with recommendations, where to shop and what to shop, according to your taste and budget.

  • Department stores
  • Outlets including luxury brands
  • Second hands stores
  • Boutiques Parisiennes
  • Traditional Parisian houses
  • French designers
  • Luxury boutiques
  • Flea markets
  • Delicatessen stores…

Flight Cost of trip to Paris

Based on these hints, you decide whether a full-service planner, partial planner or a coordinator would be best. All Paris trip planners will save you time and money. We help you to create your dream trip and stick to your budget. We have organization, time and money-saving strategies, a Parisian network of trusted partners and we will negotiate to get you the best deal without sacrificing quality. We offer you our expertise, style, calming attitude, and business acumen. And for your lifetime memory Paris trip, you want someone in charge who embodies all of these things, depending on your profile, tailor-made.

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