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Paris Tours for Families : We offers lots of fun activities for families. We create a personalized visit for your family in order to make every one happy, with serenity. Experience a personalized trip from a local company.

Tailor-Made Paris Tour Package & Services

  • From a Parisian company
  • Far away from mass tourism
  • Personal Travel Agent to set your hotel and itinerary
  • Private Concierge services for specific requests
  • Genuine tailor-made package according to your budget
  • Great Parisian network for best response to your aspirations

We plan your vacation according to your children, depending on their age.

Paris Tours for Families many things to do

  • Zoos, aquariums, funfairs
  • Gigantic woods, gardens with playgrounds
  • Amusement parks such as Disneyland Paris
  • Movie theaters for movies in English (Paris has spectacular movie theaters)
  • Museums of art, sciences, history… with activities dedicated to kids
  • Restaurants and cafés’s kid-friendly
  • Boutiques for children’s apparels, toys…

We also offer you ideas for original, unusual or classic evening outings in Paris and around : circus shows, musicals or even family concerts. Many museums are nocturnal and allow you to see exhibitions with often fewer people.

You can choose to let yourself be seduced – to have a personalized tour according to the movie sets (e.g. Ratatouille) to ensure an exciting time for the whole family.

Paris tours for families PARIS BY EMY

Nicolas de LARGILLIERRE (Paris, 1656 – Paris, 1746) Portrait de famille Vers 1730, Musée du Louvre

Paris Tours for Families with private tour guide

Enjoy an informative and rewarding travel experience that will enlighten and inspire your entire family! Your private tour guide will give you authentic insight into French culture while allowing you to : Bask in the serenity of Paris — Get off the beaten path — Be understood and cared for — Optimize your time and budget — Follow your dreams — and so much more to include.

  • The unavoidable classics and the most fabulous icons of Paris
  • Lovely districts of Paris such as Montmartre Hill
  • Green Paris with its parks and adorable gardens
  • Lafayette, Queen Marie-Antoinette & the French Revolution
  • World War Two tour and the Shoah memorials
  • The Sacred places in the City of Lights …

Paris Tour for families

Notre-Dame-des-Champs church, Paris,”The Rest of the Holy Family”, 1880 by Félix Henri (1828-1909)

Paris Tours for Families via the 10 themes

The most interesting way for you to enjoy Paris, is to do what speaks to your soul. We create a genuine customized tour, no already-made tour. We are flexible. No commission will be collected by PARIS BY EMY if a customer chooses a supplier.

Every tour is customizable according to your profile and budget via PARIS BY EMY 10 themes :


In addition, PARIS BY EMY informs you about social events and cultural programs that fit your profile.

Customized Paris Tours for Families

Because we recognize you and your family as unique, our plan individualizes the perfect Paris trip designed just for you giving you exactly what you want.

  • Genuine personalized voyage according to each client
  • No platform, no algorithm, no already-made Paris Tours
  • Just real human exchanges for an authentic insight into Paris

You receive personalized services to meet your needs from a committed French Parisian company.

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Please, give us the maximum of information in order to send you a first and adequate quotation. Enjoy a deep insight about the Parisian lifestyle and about the French culture by looking at PARIS BY EMY themes for your custom-made trip.

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