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Ratatouille Movie is the eighth computer-generated animated film from the American studios Pixar, written and directed by Brad Bird and released in theaters in 2007. Acclaimed by both the public and critics, the film rose to the top of the box office in the United States, France and the United Kingdom. It was ultimately a success and received various awards, including the Oscar for best animated film in 2007.

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Ratatouille Movie Chef Story

The film tells the adventures of a rat, Rémy, who is separated from his family during a catastrophic escape from his colony, dislodged from its place of establishment. Rémy then settles into the kitchens of Chez Gusteau, a large Parisian restaurant, and meets Alfredo Linguini, a young commis chef. Rémy is a great admirer of French cuisine.

Thanks to its very keen sense of smell, the young rat instinctively knows the ingredients to add to dishes to make them better and more subtle.

This is why he goes furtively into the kitchen in the evening to read a recipe book by the starred chef Auguste Gusteau, who recently died after losing one of his stars because of a culinary critic, Anton Ego, who opposed Gusteau’s fundamental idea that “everyone can cook.”

Indeed, the atmosphere in the kitchen in the film is very professional. Rémy knows each job: “Chef, sous-chef, chef de partie, saucier…”. “Always clean your work surface,” says Colette the cook, who also teaches the art of recognizing good bread: “Listen, it’s a symphony of crunches!” Beyond the kitchen, Ratatouille also evokes the power of critics, the relentless race for stars, the temptation to lend one’s name to frozen foods…

Ratatouille tour by PARIS BY EMY

Ratatouille Meaning

Actually, the Ratatouille movie’s name is a dish from the south-east of France. Cooked vegetable wedges, mainly eggplant, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, and garlic are the main ingredients. Ratatouille is a side dish. There is also a contemporary variation thanks to the chef Michel Guérard born in 1933, a 3-star French chef. He is one of the “nouvelle cuisine” founders.

The trick to getting your child to eat vegetables is to cook the ratatouille the same as the one concocted by Rémy, the young budding chef!

This recipe is popularized in the film by an American chef called Thomas Keller as confit byaldi. This is an elegant rendition of the classic Provençal dish. This is the dish Remy serves Anton Ego in the Ratatouille animated film of the same name.

So let’s take a Ratatouille Movie in Paris – inspired tour :

  • The gourmet restaurant La Tour d’Argent (real name of chef Gousteau)
  • The Eiffel Tower, symbol of the city of Rémy’s culinary dreams
  • The sewers under the Quai d’Orsay, with 2,100 km of underground galleries
  • Stop by Disneyland Paris to slip into Gusteau’s kitchens

The Seine River and its bridges

The river and port activity refers to the infernal chase between the tyrannical leader Skinner and Rémy. Along the way, we can discover among the 37 Parisian bridges which inspired the creators of the film. Let’s have a closer look at the Pont au Double and the Pont Saint-Michel.

Aurouze boutique

Julien Aurouze’s boutique, 8, rue des Halles, in the 1st arrondissement. Specialist for more than a century in pest control, rodent control, mole-killing disinfection, anti-pigeon control, treatment of wood against termites, this shop has kept its period façade. In the windows store, you will see Large rats and other rodents in the storefront for decoration.

Ratatouille Movie setting

The setting of the film Ratatouille (2007) took its inspiration of the Train Bleu, a famous gourmet brasserie at the Gare de Lyon. Built in 1900 for the great Paris Universal Exhibition, it is one of the capital’s legendary tables. Ask PARIS BY EMY to recommend you famous gourmet restaurants.

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