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About PARIS BY EMYAbout Emy

Bonjour ! My name is Emelyne Bonnes – www.linkedin.com/in/emelynebonnes

Emy is my American nickname. I lived 5 years in the United States of America, Midwest in my twenties (study, graduate and work).

Nowadays, I do what I love the most :

  • To enjoy Paris, the City of Lights, capital city of France
  • To experience sharing thoughts, cultures and lifestyles
  • To create genuine social links worldwide with humanness

With a Sorbonne Business School master’s degree (2 master’s degrees actually, one in business research, and one in sales & marketing, 2 bachelor’s degrees one in France communication major, one in the US business major marketing) and a corporate background of 15 years in SMB-industrial group, I became an entrepreneur in 2018 after 8 months in incubator.


How did I get the idea to create PARIS BY EMY ?

Loving Paris and inter-cultural exchanges, I have decided to create PARIS BY EMY, a company dedicated to planning bespoke vacation packages with private tours and personalized services according to each client’s interests and preferences. Born in the French Alps, with 5 years’ experience during my twenties in the United States of America – Midwest, I have lived in Paris since 2005.

Having friends from the US visiting (me in) Paris, I had this idea of PARIS BY EMY

In the United States of America, I was strongly involved in multicultural communities of locals, international students, expatriates’ organizations such as the French American Chamber of Commerce and Procter & Gamble international community, both in Cincinnati. I was immersed for 5 years in a multitude of cultures, religions, nationalities in respect, dialogue and peace; we were all united to share an experience in the United States by living, studying and working hard there. Even today, this experience and those friendships are still alive.

In my civilization, he who differs from me, far from harming me, enriches me. Our unity above us is based on man.” Flight to Arras (French: Pilote de guerre) by French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Le Petit Prince author

In addition to living 5 years in the US, I travelled to many corners of the world, such as Europe, Africa & the Middle East. The discovery of cultural diversity associated with reciprocal exchanges, based on dialogue, mutual respect and the concern to preserve each person’s cultural identity is often an enriching experience. These meetings with the other are also an opportunity to reflect on oneself and on the world.

About Paris by Emy Travel Planner

About Emily in Paris and Paris by Emy

Many asked me if I chose the name of my company because of Emily in Paris. Absolutely NOT! I created my company late October 2017 while I started to think of the name in 2016 during my incubator stage. Actually, Emily copies me! I am in marketing, lived 5 years in the Midwest and in Paris since 2005. So Emily have a private tour about Paris by Emy !

I am very happy to live from what I love the most, at last. Being an entrepreneur is a great adventure as well, lots of challenges but so much freedom and joy. I want to thank all my American friends, I also have great inspirations from Madonna, and merci to all the people who supported me with caring and positivity. I would like to thank all my business partners in Paris as well to make my dream possible and who are doing an excellent job. A very very very special MERCI to my clients who have been so kind, fabulous and gave me great ideas to developp my business. And above all, I want to thank God.

About Amelie Poulain and Paris by Emy

I had the great honor of being interviewed as Emelyne Bonnes Tour Guide by David Chazan, journalist at the Times Magazine London, regarding my fabulous Amélie Poulain’s movie tour and its re-programming in cinemas throughout France, with English subtitles during of the opening of the 2024 Olympic Games.

Amelie movie tour by Emelyne Bonnes PARIS BY EMY interview with the Times magazine

Amélie Poulain (2001 movie), Madonna of the unloved, godmother of the neglected, guardian angel, little bird fallen from the nest, Amélie has a lot of imagination and the idealism of a child. She is also kind. Amélie has a great sense of justice, and she tries to help humanity in her own way. Full article : https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/amelie-returns-to-paris-cinemas-for-olympics-in-wave-of-nostalgia-wn7shns9j

Sharing my Faith

Called by God like a bolt of lightning in May 2016 and baptized Catholic in April 2017, I am really into sharing my Faith with Christians, believers from other religions, people who are searching for spirituality as well. Spirituality takes a big space in my life. The same year I started my catechumenate, I started in an incubator my business project. I have got Him under my skin and it is ALWAYS a great pleasure to share my spirituality with my clients  :

My godmother is a transgender woman, she is American and it is a blessing to have her in my life since 1996. Another beautiful blessing comes from the Church of France – the Diocese of Paris, bishops, priests, and a wonderful nun, sister Thérèse-Agnès. They have supported me for years in my will to have a transgender godmother for my baptism who was refused in 2016 as a godmother because she is a transgender woman.

The Church of France – Paris welcomed her/she officially as my godmother in 2023 after 7 years of spiritual fights, mostly against cold hearted religious priests, leading by hate, judgement, discrimination, exclusion and spiritual violence.

1 John 4:7-8  7 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. 8 Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Read about LGBT rights within France. My godmother’s father Ed (in a chair on the left picture) passed the night of Ascension Thursday 2024 and I am very happy that Ed, her father, had been able to see his child becoming my godmother as a child of God, like all of us. God created us and God loves all His children, as they ARE, with an unbreakable bond.

About EMY and Paris Themes

To give you inspirations, I have designed the PARIS BY EMY 10 themes :

  • PARISIAN ICONS – Come up with Paris story by those who made it.
  • HISTORICAL PARIS – Paris is a city with an amazing history starting with Roman Empire
  • FRENCH CUISINE – Discover historical brasseries parisiennes, gourmet restaurants, cafés
  • ART & MUSEUMS – There are more than 200 museums about sciences, history, “visual arts”
  • SACRED PLACES – Paris is a Catholic stronghold with its 160 churches, the cathedral of Notre Dame
  • LANDMARKS & SIGHTSEEING – Paris has 20 districts, called in French arrondissements
  • SHOPPING – Paris is the temple of shoppers, sustainable shopping, chic shopping, arts and crafts
  • ENTERTAINMENT – Fun for every one, kids, adults, elderly, one of the most famous is Disneyland Paris
  • GREEN PARIS – Forests, parks, gardens, the City of Paris is engaged in a sustainable process
  • OUTSIDE PARIS – Discover Normandy such as Giverny, Champagne, Loire Valley, Auvers sur Oise…

On Emy’s favorite things in Paris

  • My favorite museum : Orsay first because I love Impressionism
  • My favorite painter : Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Chagall (and Modigliani, Matisse, de La Tour…)
  • My favorite contemporary street artists : Christian Boltanski, Jef Aerosol, C215, Invader
  • My favorite artist of ALL TIME since I am 13 is  M A D O N N A  my Queen after Holy Mary
  • My favorite historical district : Les Halles, the heart and belly of Paris
  • My favorite monuments :  The Eiffel Tower of course !
  • My favorite restaurant : Le Procope for its history and design
  • My favorite wine : Champagne (yes Champagne is a wine)
  • My favorite dish : Le boeuf Bourguignon at the Procope
  • My favorite pastry : The opera, anything with chocolate
  • My favorite Chef : Alain Ducasse, the Madonna of the French gastronomy
  • My favorite luxury brands : CHANEL, Cartier and Louis Vuitton
  • My favorite poets : Baudelaire, Verlaine and Cocteau
  • My favorite writer : Françoise Sagan, Victor Hugo, Emile Zola
  • My favorite philosophers : Saint Thomas d’Aquin, Voltaire and Auguste Comte
  • My favorite president : Charles de Gaulle from A to Z
  • My favorite national celebration : Bastille Day
  • My favorite Christian celebration : Easter
  • My favorite Parisian lovers : Héloise and Abelard so powerful
  • My favorite king : Saint Louis (Louis IX) and the Sun King (Louis XIV)
  • My favorite queen : Clotilde married to Clovis FIRST Christian king of France
  • My favorite church : Number one Saint Eustache inside and outside its soul
  • My favorite Parisian : Sainte Genevieve – Paris Sainte Patronne
  • My favorite garden : The Bois de Vincennes 3 times bigger than Central Park
  • My favorite entertainment place : The historical Moulin Rouge and Disneyland Paris
  • My favorite leisure activity in Paris : Picnic in our parks, gardens, by the Seine
  • My favorite outside near Paris : Normandy – Omaha landing beach, Cabourg, Lisieux
  • My favorite outside Paris : The French Riviera for ever, Cannes, Nice, Antibes, Mandelieu…
  • At last but not least the most difficult things in Paris is to see homeless, pollution and violent protests


The “custom-made” is my DNA, bespoke itinerary, bespoke private walking tour, bespoke Paris Trip package. PARIS BY EMY has a Parisian Network committed to provide a luxury and unique environment for engaging a genuine personalized trip to each customer with respect, openness, before and during your trip.

Creating bespoke insights Paris Trip with a social cohesion between travelers and the French culture is PARIS BY EMY strongest ability

This is why you will not find PARIS BY EMY on platform such as Get Your Guide, Viator and so forth offering mass tourism and already-made tours. Moreover, any one can register as a service provider on those online places because they do not check profile while PARIS BY EMY works with a trustful and professional business network, Paris based, providing luxury and high standing services.

About Culture and PARIS BY EMY

You will discover the French culture and the Parisian life style defined as “what is common to a group of individuals” and as “what unites it”, that is to say what is learned, transmitted, produced and invented.

  • Clothing, fashion
  • Food, French cuisine
  • Arts, Architecture
  • Religions and beliefs
  • Laws and systems of government
  • Norms, values and morals
  • Historical facts and sciences
  • Lifestyle, traditions and habits

PARIS BY EMY creates Luxury and unique trips to Paris thanks to a strong readiness, real human exchanges and transparency. I am flexible enough to modify the tour if you feel like it. Here for unforeseen events until the last day of your trip, we share ongoing exchange before and during your stay.

logo Paris by Emy Trip Planner


PARIS BY EMY and its Business Partners are far away from mass tourism, impersonal and automatic platforms. I offer you a genuine insight of the French culture and its history, of the Parisian lifestyle and its treasures, according to your personal preferences and interests.

PARIS BY EMY and business network offer our Parisian expertise, our style, and business acumen within genuine human exchanges

PARIS BY EMY provides you hotel recommendations, custom-made itinerary, flexible private tour guide, with optional private driver,… I provide ongoing support before your arrival and during your stay. I also offer bespoke services for your Paris trip such as airport transfer, museum skip the line tickets booking, shopping tour, leisure activities booking…,  restaurant recommendations and reservation…  It is a mix between :

  • Travel Agent for your Paris trip hotel and itinerary
  • Personalized services for each client’s preferences
  • Tailor-Made Private Tour Guide with optional driver

I offer you the possibilities to go off the beaten track by discovering from Paris the region of Champagne region, Normandy landing beach, Giverny for Monet garden, Auvers sur Oise for Van Gogh’s village last home, the Loire Valley castles and more, such as the French Riviera with my business partners who share the same values.

About PARIS BY EMY’s Missions

Like a wedding planner, PARIS BY EMY is dedicated to planning Luxury tailor-made Paris trip in the light of your aspirations. Enjoy an authentic insight into French culture via personalized tours and services, a delightful trip to enhance your enjoyment of Paris.

  • Custom-Made Paris Trip

I have been creating bespoke trips upon my clients’ personal preferences since 2018, whether you are solo, a couple, a family or a small group. With ongoing assistance before and during your trip, PARIS BY EMY delivers genuine Personalized Paris Tour Package with services made just for you. I set your itinerary via themes such as Parisian icons, Food & drink, Art & museums, Sacred places, Landmarks & sightseeing, Shopping, Entertainment, Green Paris, Outside Paris, upon your desires and validation.

  • Trip, Time and Budget Optimization

I am tailoring your trip to your preferences with efficient time budget management. Paris-based with a fabulous network, let me enhance your travel experience with a wide array of tailor-made services by choosing fabulous business partners to provide the experience you are looking for within your budget. I make you save time and energy thanks to the optimization of your roadmap. We give an amazing insight of Paris, offering an intimate and unique trip in Paris. Due to great knowledge of both Paris and cultural traveling, PARIS BY EMY plans easygoing, tailor-made and fun Parisian trips. For a first trip to Paris, I set your travel with great attention, according to your interests and preferences.

  • True Human Exchanges : No Platform

PARIS BY EMY is not looking for volume but for high quality services with genuine human exchanges. There is no automatism, no algorithm, no artificial intelligence, no platform, no already-made excursion or tour. Planning a trip with me is convenient. I offer ongoing exchange, before and during your trip. With my business parteners, we are here for unforeseen events or questions.

  • Personalized Trip according to Who You Are

PARIS BY EMY facilitates travel planning and the trip itself to reflect the full personality of each client. Clients are – solo travelers, families, couples, groups of friends, educational organizations such as French classes, arts classes, university trips. My objectives are to satisfy fully your demand in the creation of your personalized trip according to your interests, preferences and budget.


About PARIS BY EMY’s Values

Our collaboration is based on trust, respect and cultural synergy. Culture is “this complex whole comprising at the same time the sciences, the beliefs, the arts, the morals, the laws, the customs and the other faculties and habits acquired by man in the social state. (Tylor, 1871).

  • Sustainability : Human, Social, Economic and Environmental

The 4Cs of Sustainability – Consumption, Conservation, Community, and Cooperation – are the cornerstones of responsible and eco-friendly living. The City of Paris is developing public policies around solidarity, economic development, the preservation of the environment, biodiversity, the circular economy, the development of each individual, social cohesion and solidarity between territories and generations, as well as responsible production and consumption methods.

  • Social Link between Travelers & PARIS BY EMY

PARIS BY EMY is a business which intrinsically links humankind to culture, history, art, by seeking to learn with fun, connect different personalities and universes, benefiting from differences and discoveries that can bring women and men from any profile, background, religion, and gender, together. With my business network, we are here to offer you lifetime souvenirs of Paris !

  • The Human at the Center : Genuine Proactive Exchange

All my private tours are unique, with real human exchanges providing social links. There are no platforms, no already-made tours. Platforms with AI should not desecrate the work of a person, of a company, an organization capable of creating rich human values for every individual and providing the whole society : employment, growth & social well-being. AI shall serve the entire society.

In addition, no algorithm should decide for you, impose a way of thinking, living and certainly not giving pressure for sur-consumption and compulsive buy. Stephen Hawking expressed his concern during a Web Summit in 2017. He cautioned the human race to be well-prepared to tackle the after-effects of AI.

  • About PARIS BY EMY’s Business Partners

PARIS BY EMY and its Parisian partners are a great network of locals entrepreneurs, designers, guides, services providers, business owners to give you their best in order to provide you a lifetime memory Paris trip. No proposals, advices are based on contractual agreement when we offer you a particular service, product and activity from our Parisian network. We work together because we share the same values.

  • No Modern Slavery and Labor Exploitation

Labour exploitation is the abuse of people in the workplace for profit. The abuse can be direct and brutal or much less obvious. People are exploited in many different ways, including:

    • Having wages and paperwork being controlled by another person
    • Being forced to work long hours without breaks
    • Being subjected to poor workplace health and safety
    • Having their liberty, rights restricted in obvious or more subtle ways…

We have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. We expect the same high standards from all of business partners : To respect each individual, clients and providers and to provide excellent services. Unlocking human collective intelligence to sustainably boost every individual and the whole society instead of an elite supporting by AI to gain only for itself wealth, growth & social well-being while enslaving individuals, clients or providers.

  • Flexibility No AI No artificial and superficial Trip

I customize your vacation according to your budget priorities. Moreover, I offer flexibility and response better than any other platforms, applications, AI or already-made tours. Visit Paris unconstrained with hints, tips, and real human assistance. There is no better way to enjoy the city of lights free of tourist traps, with accurate information and a ongoing assistance through real human exchanges with a local.

  • About PARIS BY EMY Lifetime Memory and Delightment

PARIS BY EMY has also a sense of responsibility to contribute to the well-being of each client during their trip, in order to bring openness and to have a good impact on the clients’ lives. PARIS BY EMY is positioned against mass tourism, impersonal and already-made tour. I set tour according to your very own aspirations. You do what speaks to your soul. An educational trip, an adventure rich in cultural experiences while having fun in the most beautiful city of the world.

About PARIS BY EMY Transactions

Your payment transactions are encrypted using SSL and the AES algorithm that comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), meeting the highest requirements in terms of bank security.

Payment by credit card planning a travel to Paris.Billing and payments occur online, payment with a credit card or a bank-transfer. Several billing and payments can occur in the case of the customer needs to make a deposit and/or wants to add services. Deposits and booked skip the line tickets are not refundable. You may have a look at our terms of use and conditions.

Planning a trip to Paris - booking by credit card with PARIS BY EMY

About PARIS BY EMY Insurance

PARIS BY EMY has its own insurance to cover its services of conciergerie and private tour guide under n°AN902614/18121846441 contract number with the company April Partenaires, SA with a capital of 81,683 € – RCS Rennes 349 844 746 – insurance intermediary registered at Orias under number 07 024 083 Company subject to the control of the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority, 61 rue Taitbout – 75436 PARIS Cedex 09 Intracommunity VAT FR 70 349 844 746 000 33. Liability guarantees are intended to cover financial consequences of civil liability which may fall on PARIS BY EMY due to bodily, material and immaterial damage caused to third parties, attributable to PARIS BY EMY professional activity only.

In addition, we recommend you a travel insurance with the Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) option. You might add your own travel insurance with the CFAR option to cover your trip from A to Z. Like a smart travel companion, you will be able to cancel your trip for any reason if necessary and it protects you against :

  • Overseas emergency medical assistance
  • Loss or theft of luggage and personal belongings
  • Unused and nonrefundable trip costs (hotel, airfare expenses…)

Cancel for any reason” travel insurance allows you to cancel your trip for any reason up to two days prior to your scheduled departure. Depending on your plan, you’ll be reimbursed up to 50% or 75% of the insured prepaid, nonrefundable trip cost.

About PARIS BY EMY’s Leitmotiv

  • A Unique and Bountiful Experience of Joy and Enchantment
  • An Educational and Knowledgeable Trip with fun to open our Souls
  • The Respect of Each Other to build social links across the world
  • The Openness between one another for a Mutually Beneficial Impact

About PARIS BY EMY Paris Trip Planner with private tour

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