Paris Trip Planner – Local expert, I take care of every aspect of your visit with real human exchanges, according to you and only you.  No platform and no already-made. Indeed, I create genuine personalized high standing trip with a fabulous Parisian network. Paris has no secret for us.


For your voyage made by PARIS BY EMY

For a dream trip to Paris, I create tailor-made tours for each clients’ personal preferences. The “custom-made” is my DNA, custom itinerary, custom private walking tour, custom car services,… Paris-based with our Parisian network, we offer personalized Paris tour package through with a wide array of tailor-made services, and Parisian activities to fulfill your desires.

  • We listen to you and build a unique tailor-made trip
  • No decision will be made without your approval and satisfaction
  • The transparency of fees is clear and precise within the quotation
  • We work with the best providers corresponding to your expectations and budget

PARIS BY EMY and its Parisian partners are a great network of locals entrepreneurs, services providers, business owners to give you their best in order to provide you a lifetime memory Paris trip. You decide if you prefer a :

  • Full-service Paris Trip Planner
  • Partial planner
  • Coordinator

We follow your aspirations. We make you to save time, money and energy. We stick to your budget. We optimize your Paris trip. We have strategies, a Parisian network of trusted partners. We give you our expertise, our style, and our business acumen. And for your lifetime memory Paris trip, you want someone in charge who embodies your trip in the most beautiful city of the world !

Travel in serenity with local expertise and a Genuine Parisian Network

What we offer

PARIS BY EMY provides you tailor made itinerary for each day of your stay, hotels recommendations according to your criteria with airport hotel transfer, flexible on day and time for private tour guide with hotel pick up, personal online assistance during your stay. We also offer personalized services such as private driver services for private tours, restaurant recommendations and booking, museums skip the line entrance tickets booking, leisure activities booking… Thus, your Paris Trip setting is fully dedicated to you and personalized according to your aspirations, via our local expertise.

  • We set a provisional budget with custom made services
  • We give you clear and detailed quotation with transparency
  • We create your Paris tours and services trip with your approval
  • We search, plan, reserve and book for you the trip of your life

Planning a trip to Paris can be an exciting and exhilarating experience. Known as the City of Love, Paris is renowned for its stunning architecture, world-class cuisine, rich history, and vibrant culture. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, I, as a Paris trip planner, will help you make the most of your time in the French capital. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, we’ll guide you through the must-see attractions, dining hotspots, hotels in the best locations, leisure activities with reservation, private luxury shopping, for one day or your all stay private driver and practical tips to ensure a memorable and unforgettable journey.

Share with us your desires. We will define together your personalized package. Each detail will be carefully studied. Listening skills, rigorous advice, a touch of originality, a great Parisian network, our Paris based company guides you and supports you until the last day of your trip, and for unforeseen events.

Paris is a city that captivates the hearts of millions of visitors each year. Its timeless beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture make it a destination like no other. With PARIS BY EMY, you’re equipped with the knowledge and insights to create a truly memorable experience. Immerse yourself in the magic of Paris, indulge in its gastronomic delights, and embrace the romance that permeates every corner of this magnificent city.

Personalized Paris Tour Package

Price depends on the chosen options, the number of people and duration of your stay
Itinerary, tailor-made, for each day of your trip
3 accommodation recommendations according to your criteria
Airport hotel transfer with private chauffeur at your disposal
Restaurants recommendations according to your taste
Leisure activities recommendations according to your profile
Private Tour Guide Paris for 1/2 Day(s), full Day(s), Evening(s)
Private Tour Guide Paris with a private chauffeur at your disposal
Booking made for private car services, restaurants, leisure activities
Skip the line entrance ticket booking for museums and landmarks
And more if you need more !

No already-made tour with your Paris Trip Planner

There is no already-made, no automatism and no algorithm. We are flexible enough to modify the tour if you feel like it. We create unique trip thanks to a strong readiness and real human exchanges.

  • Ongoing assistance and permanent contact with us
  • No day, time and visit are imposed to you, no constraints
  • We are very flexible and we can always modify your itinerary
  • No already-made and already-planned trip, tour package, excursion

We look for solutions to last minute unforeseen events. Moreover, we offer flexibility and response better than any other platforms or already-made tours. We help you for any requests or specific demands. Visit Paris unconstrained with thoughtfulness, real human assistance and personalized private tour services.

The sooner the better

Everything we do is highly personalized and delivered by a caring – conscientious team of Parisian partners.

  • Planning and reservation

To set a trip in such a big city like Paris takes time. Thus, the sooner you inform us about your plan to travel to Paris, the better it will be. Skip-the-line tickets, hotel reservation, restaurant booking, your aspirations valuation, setting a roadmap for each day of your stay, creating custom made tours, … takes time. The sooner you reserve, the better it is.

  • Diligence and meticulous attention

Moreover, we are concerned to provide high quality and tailor-made services without getting into mass tourism and already-made tour. We favor personalized customer relationships because we believe this is the only way to deliver the highest level of service. Thus, our availability is limited but the services that we offer are limitless in scope.

Ensure a Stress-Free Experience

Traveling to a foreign country can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you encounter unexpected challenges. Having PARIS BY EMY by your side gives you peace of mind, knowing that there is someone you can rely on for assistance. They can offer support in case of any unforeseen circumstances, ensuring that your trip remains stress-free and enjoyable.

Capture Unforgettable Memories

A well-planned trip allows you to create unforgettable memories. I can recommend the best photography spots, ensuring that you capture the essence of Paris through your lens. Whether it’s posing in front of the iconic landmarks or strolling along the Seine River during sunset, these moments will be cherished for years to come.

Enjoy Local Experiences

Immersing yourself in the local culture is one of the highlights of any trip. I can curate unique experiences that go beyond the typical tourist path. I can suggest local festivals, food tours, art workshops, and other immersive activities that allow you to connect with the soul of Paris and create lasting memories.

Paris Trip Planner and private tour guide

Similarly, we create tailor-made private guided tours according to your aspirations. Actually, you can choose to have a private tour guide, with or without a private chauffeur. Paris has 20 districts. Thus, you have plenty to discover and experience. Get off the beaten path !


Attribution: “Plan: 2005 J.M. Schomburg”

Social Events and Cultural Programs

Furthermore, we informs you about the social events that fit in your profile. For example, you love music so we can recommend you concert, music festival, dance classes by the Seine… By the way, Paris has tones of social events all year long. We include museums exhibitions.

  • Flea market, food market, indoor, outdoor
  • Concert, opera, ballet, festival
  • Celebrations, sports events, fairs
  • Great exhibitions and museums masterpieces

About Your Paris Trip Planner

  • Emy is French, parisienne, fluent in English, who lived 5 years in the US
  • She travelled to Europe, Africa, North America & the Middle East
  • With a corporate background of 15 years, she has founded PARIS BY EMY

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Why to choose PARIS BY EMY Trip Planner

My expertise can save you both time and money during your Paris trip. I have in-depth knowledge of the city’s, enabling them to suggest the most convenient itinerary and methods of travel. Additionally, I can help you find the best locations on accommodations, private tours, and leisure activities, maximizing your budget without compromising on quality. I offer genuine personalized trips according to your preferences with my expertise.

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