Best restaurants in Paris : You are certainly lost for choosing a restaurant in Paris. It is the unavoidable question about the best new, famous, traditional, unusual restaurants to try. For those who are wondering where to eat and drink in Paris, we help you to find answers for your breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner.

The best restaurants in Paris by PARIS BY EMY

Best Restaurants in Paris according to Your Taste Buds

Paris, often referred to as the “City of Love,” is equally a city of food lovers. The French capital boasts a culinary scene that’s as diverse as it is delightful. From traditional bistros to Michelin-starred establishments, and from charming bakeries to international eateries, Paris offers a mouthwatering experience for every palate.

I recommend mostly the best restaurants in Paris of French traditional cuisine, with great design and a great Parisian soul. I recommend you the “best” restaurants according to their dishes, location, atmosphere, price and of course according to your taste buds. Paris hosts around 13,000 restaurants, plenty of choices for your buds ! I offer and reserve the best restaurants in Paris upon your approval. No partners, vendors have signed a contractual agreement with PARIS BY EMY.

To start, types of restaurants for your Parisian trip and think about what type of restaurants you are craving :

  • Traditional, small individual restaurant, serving traditional meals
  • “Themed” restaurants such as crêperie, wine bar, pizzeria, vegan…
  • Type of their cuisine, creative, modern, traditional, fish, meat, du terroir…
  • Gourmet or gastronomic restaurants with or without stars
  • Hotel restaurants in palaces or 5 stars hotels
  • Brunch and Tea Time in legendary sites
  • Restaurant caterer such as Fauchon
  • Dinner shows and cabarets such as The Moulin Rouge
  • The brasserie or bistro or bouillon, café and restaurant at the same time
  • World food restaurant, a large choice in the City of Lights
  • River cruise dinner on the Seine River or bords de Marne
  • Famous and historical restaurants in Paris

What are your desires for meals to try ?

  • Breakfast
  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Tea time
  • Happy hour
  • Dinner

Most typical French dishes

When we think of French people’s favorite cuisine, we imagine the small dishes simmered for hours… French favorite dishes are seafood such as mussels, oyster, steak with fries and roasted chicken with fries :

  • Le gratin dauphinois (potatoes gratin)
  • Le pot au feu (stew with veggie and meats)
  • Le coq au vin (stew with vine, veggie and rooster meat)
  • La quiche lorraine (pie with eggs, cheese, bacon)
  • La salade au chèvre chaud (salad with warm goat cheese on toast)
  • La salade niçoise (tomatoes, green peppers, beans, boiled eggs, anchovy fillets or natural tuna)
  • Le steak tartare (uncooked ground beef steak with dressing)
  • Le cassoulet (white beans and meats)
  • La choucroute (white cabbage, sausage, meat, potato)
  • Le bœuf bourguignon (beef with red wine sauce, potatoes and veggies)
  • La blanquette de veau (veal with rice, carrot, mushroom and cream)
  • La bouillabaisse (soup of fishes with croutons)
  • La soupe à l’oignon (oignon soup)
  • Les moules marinières (mussels with white wine and cream)
  • Les escargots à la bourguignonne (snails with butter, parsley and garlic)
  • La raclette (melted cheese with potatoes, charcuterie for winter )
  • La tartiflette (potato, bacon and cheese gratin)
  • Le hachis parmentier (mashed potatoes over ground meat gratin)
  • Le filet mignon à la moutarde (pork filet mignon)
  • Le confit ou magret de canard (confit or duck breast)
  • La ratatouille (cooked veggies such as tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant with garlic)
  • Le lapin à la moutarde (rabbit with mustard, rice or potato)
  • Les tomates farcies (stuffed tomatoes with ground meat)
  • Le gigot d’agneau (leg of lamb with rice or potato) …

Regions of France and their dishes

The regions of France have different dishes : in Brittany, a famous dish is crêpes (thin pancakes), in Normandy  the Andouillette d’Alençon and  the cheese camembert. In the Alsace region (near Germany), a popular meal is cabbage with pieces of sausage, named la choucroute. The Loire River Valley has a special dish made of the Lotte fish only found in the Loire River. Seafood is very popular, mussels, clams, oysters, shrimp, and squid. My favorite dish is the bœuf bourguignon (beef with red wine sauce, potatoes and veggies).

Traditional French food le boeuf Bourguignon PARIS BY EMY Paris Trip Planner

The climate and soil of France offer excellent conditions for farming. Although 4 percent of the population earn their living from farming, the country is self-sufficient when it comes to growing its own food.

During Kingship of Middle Ages, the king and his court, the nobility would hold feasts with over 10 different dishes served. The food’s presentation was just as important as the taste and quality of the ingredients.

Budget for restaurants in Paris

You need to have a budget in mind when you start to look for a restaurant in Paris. Overall, you need around 40 Euros for a full meal, appetizer, main course and desert without wine, only non-alcoholic beverages, per person, for a traditional restaurant, on average. You need to add 6 Euros for a glass of wine, red or white, 15 Euros for a glass of champagne. We like to finish a meal with a coffee, expresso type, after lunch or even dinner during celebrations and feasts.

Traveling on a budget? Don’t worry; Paris has affordable dining options too. From delicious crepes on the street to small, local eateries, you can enjoy mouthwatering food without breaking the bank.

The Brasserie the most typical restaurant

For Paris, the most typical restaurant are the breweries (in French les brasseries) also called “bistro” or “bouillon”. Beer consumption developed significantly in France in the 19th century, starting in Alsace pretty close to Germany. The industrial revolution launched better quality products (pasteurization) on the market. The breweries (in French les brasseries), which manufactured and sold this drink, were increasing in every city in the country, attracting a petty-bourgeois clientele eager for new sensations.

I include in my services recommendations and reservation. Among 13,000 restaurants, French Cuisine in Paris is amazing for brunch, lunch, dinner, tea time. In addition, you can ask me a gourmet tour with private driver if you are looking for Michelin starred restaurants as well.

Paris in particular is home to several hundred breweries (brasseries in French), especially after the Universal Exhibitions during the Second Empire Napoleon nephew, with the famous “breweries for women” and other “café-concerts”. The use of beer generally leads to eat and to the use of hot tobacco, pipes, cigars and cigarettes. At that time, it was legal to smoke inside. Nowadays, it is forbidden to smoke inside. Lots of brasseries have their own typical terrace where you can have meal, drink and talks, summer and winter with external heater to keep you warm.

Saint Germain PARIS BY EMY Paris Trip Planner with Private Tour

You may have already wondered what the differences are between the bouillon, bistro and brasserie, which are often confusing. Originally, a major difference separates them: the culinary offer. In a brasserie, we always find the same dishes, which are usually French traditional specialties. Its menu can sometimes even be limited to a single dish. While the bistro menu varies with the seasons, and is reinvented at regular intervals. Created by the butcher Pierre Duval in 1860, the restaurant known as bouillon offers a unique menu like the brasserie, based on boiled meat (hochepot or stew), more affordable than the brasseries. Those places are very popular and the food is excellent.

“The counter of a cafe is the parliament of the people.” Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850)

He left one of the most impressive works in French literature. In his novels, he describes the rise of capitalism and the absorption by the bourgeoisie of the aristocracy/nobility incapable of adapting to new realities.

Legendary Parisian brasseries

There are the legendary brasseries of the capital, frequented by big names at the time, full of History and Art decoration, adored by Parisians, famous people and tourists today, immortalized in the cinema … they are essential. Tourists, locals and famous artists mix to taste local or traditional specialties with friends. They also meet there just to have a drink. This diversity has contributed to the success of the brasserie, making it an essential meeting place.

Brasserie restaurants of Paris by PARIS BY EMY

This is the Zimmer brasserie since 1896 started by an Alsatian family, the Zimmer. Emile Zola, Sarah Bernhardt, Marcel Proust used to go there. It is highly connected to the Théâtre du Châtelet. Before or after the show, people would gather there. During World War II, this place hosted police resistant to Nazism, Vichy and saved Jewish families by hidden them in the cellar

For a truly Parisian experience, visit the city’s charming bistros and cafes. These cozy establishments offer a slice of local life, serving delicious pastries, coffee, and a variety of traditional French dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.

Best restaurants in Paris for Michelin-Star Dining

If you’re in the mood for a fine dining experience, Paris has an array of Michelin-starred restaurants to choose from. Savor exquisitely prepared dishes while basking in the elegance of these world-renowned establishments. I recommend gourmet restaurants as well.

Fusion and International Flavors

Paris is not just about French cuisine. The city is a melting pot of international flavors. From sushi to curry, you can find a wide range of international cuisines to satisfy your taste buds.

Best restaurants in Paris for Hidden Gems

Explore the lesser-known gems hidden in the heart of Paris. These restaurants might not be on the tourist map, but they offer unique and unforgettable dining experiences.

The Art of Pastry and Bakeries

No trip to Paris is complete without indulging in exquisite pastries. Parisian bakeries are famous for their croissants, macarons, and éclairs. You’ll want to try them all.

Best restaurants in Paris for Fine Dining with a View

For a romantic and scenic dining experience, choose restaurants with breathtaking views of iconic Parisian landmarks. Enjoy your meal while taking in the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Best restaurants in Paris for Street Food Adventures

Delve into the world of Parisian street food. Try mouthwatering crepes, gourmet hot dogs, or a warm baguette with cheese while strolling through the city streets.

Iconic Dining Experiences

Paris offers unique and unforgettable dining experiences, such as dinner cruises on the Seine River or dining in historic settings. These moments will create lasting memories.

Paris for Foodies

If you’re a true food enthusiast, consider a dedicated food tour. I can take you on a culinary journey through the city, revealing hidden culinary treasures.

The restaurants in Paris are a reflection of the city’s rich history, culture, and love for food. Whether you’re a fan of traditional French cuisine, eager to explore international flavors, or on the hunt for hidden gems, Paris has something for everyone. This city is truly a food lover’s paradise, where every meal is a delightful experience.

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