Christian Dior the new look tour by PARIS BY EMY Miss Dior perfume

The New Look

| The New Look TV series about Christian Dior | Christian Dior in The New Look : My dear clients while visiting Paris are asking me about the TV series The New Look. So, the minimum I can do is…

Joséphine kneels before Napoleon during his coronation at Notre Dame. Behind him sits pope Pius VII. PARIS BY EMY private tour


|Napoleon Bonaparte a man of fascination and debate| Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the most influential figures in European history, embarked on an extraordinary journey from his humble beginnings to…

Film sets of

Brigitte Bardot – Timeless Icon

|Brigitte Bardot : From a young aspiring actress to an international sensation| Brigitte Bardot, the name itself conjures up images of beauty, talent, and a life that captured the hearts of millions.…

Josephine Baker signature by PARIS BY EMY

Josephine Baker’s Journey to the Pantheon

|Josephine Baker a Journey to the Pantheon| Josephine Baker, an iconic figure in the history of entertainment, holds a special place in the hearts of the French people. Her remarkable achievements,…

French writer Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo

|Immense talent| Victor Hugo (1802 - 1885) is un monstre sacré of French literature. A sacred monster is an expression to qualify someone whose talents are far superior to ordinary mortals. He was a…

Voltaire aParisian Icon by Paris by Emy


|Voltaire Icon of Paris| Voltaire (1694 - 1778) is a humanist who fought all his life against religious fanaticism and for freedom. Author of the Philosophical Letters and Candide or Optimism, he is…

COCO CHANEL with PARIS BY EMY, Paris Trip Planner

Coco Chanel History

|Coco Chanel, rebellious elegance| Coco Chanel history : Parisian icon, she has transgressed the stylistic codes of an ultra-corseted era to liberate women in their body and soul. Androgynous look,…

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School trips to Paris

|Hemingway in Paris| School trips to Paris : Get a helping hand for preparing your school trip to Paris from PARIS BY EMY. We offer genuine custom made tours according to your field.