Shopping places in Paris

Best places to shop in Paris : If you are an addict shopper, Paris is certainly the best place to shop. You will find anything you are craving for. Shop along the beautiful streets of Paris and taste the Parisian life style at the same time.

The best places to shop in Paris by PARIS BY EMY

The best places to shop in Paris

Paris has the reputation of a major world capital of fashion. The great advantage of Paris is that you can go shopping and have at the same time nice strolls, which allows you to discover the city. In addition, you can end your shopping in front of a nice glass of wine or a cup of coffee in our legendary café with some pâtisserie. Have a look at our major districts for shopping :

  • Le Marais – body care and perfume, second-hand clothes, the big brands, and designers
  • Champs-Elysées Avenue – the big and luxury brands, delicatessen, beauty, perfumes shops
  • Boulevard Haussmann – famous brands with Lafayette, Printemps department stores
  • Rue de Rivoli – Ready-to-wear, all brands at low prices and the shopping mall Les Halles
  • Saint-Germain-des-Près – Ready-to-wear,  luxury brands, designer boutiques, Le Bon Marché
  • Le Palais Royal – Vintage haute-couture, renowned craftsmen and designers
  • Place des Victoires – upscale neighborhood filled with shops by some of Paris’ top designers
  • Montmartre – souvenirs of Paris, jewelry and accessories, craft spaces, second-hand clothes shop
  • Canal Saint Martin – chic and bohemian Paris shopping street for clothes, accessories, bags, shoes
  • Rue du commerce – popular brand shops, small boutiques just a short stroll from the Eiffel Tower
  • Rue Saint Dominique – close to the Eiffel Tower, perfect for ladies, kids clothing, shoes, lingerie
  • Parisian shopping arcades – Galérie Vivienne in Paris 2 or Galerie Véro-Dodat, Paris 1
  • Paris Flea Market such les puces de Saint Ouen for vintage clothes and antique furniture shopping
  • La Vallée Village – outlet malls just 5 minutes from the Disneyland Paris on the RER A

Best things to shop in Paris

Put together your dream shopping list and we will give you the good adresses. From budget friendly to luxuary, Paris is the kingdom of shoppers. First, you have to define yourself what you are looking for :

  • Accessories
  • Antiquites
  • Art and Fine arts
  • Bags, purses, wallets
  • Books in English, French, rare books
  • Candles made with the greatest French tradition
  • French coffee, tea, wine
  • Clothing for women, man and children
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Fine grocery, luxury foods
  • Feather pen and pen
  • Gloves, hats made in Paris
  • Home decor, Parisian designers
  • Jewelry made in France
  • Kitchen material, table set, porcelain, cristal
  • Linens, sheet, bathroom towel
  • Parisian  and French lingerie
  • Rare musical instruments
  • Perfumes you find only in Paris
  • Religious articles from Paris
  • Shoes for women, man and children
  • Sweet shops, chocolates
  • Umbrellas, parasols
  • Well-being and beauty services…

The boutiques and stores are items and brands made in France or Paris, with centenary tradition, from Parisian young designers but also from international brands that will fit into your tastes. You just have to express your shopping wish list with the items and style, budget, you are looking for.

Tailor-Made Private Tour Guide

Our private tour guide comes with customization, recommendations, tickets booking and ongoing support. Please, note that the tour's itinerary will be sent ONLY once you have booked upon your quotation.
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We set a personalized itinerary with recommendations according to your tastes and budget. You may look for a private tour guide including private car services for a custom-made shopping tour in Paris and around while you are visiting the City of Lights. You can do both : within PARIS BY EMY private tour guide OR ask for a Parisian personal shopper.

Shopping Beyond Fashion: Lifestyle and Home

Paris’s shopping scene extends beyond fashion, encompassing lifestyle and home décor as well. Explore the charming boutiques of Le Bon Marché or the eclectic shops of Canal Saint-Martin for unique home accessories, decorative items, and gifts. Whether you’re redecorating your home or searching for the perfect gift, Paris offers a myriad of options to suit every taste.

Paris Sustainable Best Places to Shop

As the world becomes increasingly conscious of environmental issues, Paris has embraced sustainable fashion and eco-friendly shopping initiatives. Look out for ethical brands and eco-conscious boutiques that prioritize sustainability and ethical production practices. By supporting these initiatives, you can contribute to positive change while indulging in guilt-free shopping.

Chic Boutiques and Concept Stores

Beyond the glitz and glamour of luxury brands, Paris is dotted with chic boutiques and concept stores, each offering a unique shopping experience. Explore the cobblestone streets of Marais or the trendy Le Marais district to discover hidden gems and emerging designers. These quaint boutiques exude charm and creativity, making them perfect for fashion enthusiasts looking for something distinct.

Vintage Treasures Markets

Immerse yourself in Paris’s vintage charm by wandering through its bustling markets. The Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, one of the largest flea markets in the world, is a treasure trove of vintage fashion, antique furniture, and quirky collectibles. Get lost amidst the maze of stalls and unearth rare finds from decades past.

Paris Artisanal Craftsmanship

No trip to Paris is complete without indulging in a bit of retail therapy for souvenirs. Explore the quaint streets of Montmartre or Saint-Germain-des-Prés to discover traditional artisanal shops selling exquisite handcrafted goods. From delicately crafted ceramics to intricately designed textiles, these souvenirs offer a piece of French culture to take home.

Gourmet Delights Food Shopping

Parisian gastronomy is world-renowned, and no visit to the city is complete without sampling its culinary delights. Wander through the vibrant markets of Rue Mouffetard or Marché des Enfants Rouges to experience the freshest produce, artisanal cheeses, and gourmet delicacies. Don’t forget to visit specialty food stores like Fauchon or La Grande Épicerie for a taste of luxury.

Cultural Shopping: Books, Antiques, and Art

Immerse yourself in Paris’s rich cultural heritage by exploring its diverse range of bookstores, antique shops, and art galleries. From Shakespeare and Company, a beloved English-language bookstore, to the prestigious galleries of the Marais district, there’s something for every art and literature enthusiast.

Shopping tour in Paris with a personal shopper

Exploring the fashion capital of the world, Paris, can be an exhilarating experience. From haute couture to vintage finds, the city offers a plethora of shopping opportunities. However, navigating through the maze of boutiques and designer stores can be overwhelming, especially for first-time visitors. This is where private shopping tours with a personal shopper come into play, offering a curated and stress-free shopping experience tailored to individual preferences.

  • Styling session Paris shopping tour
  • Bespoke vintage shopping tour
  • Flea market tour (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Whether you’re hunting for high-end designer pieces or unique vintage treasures, your personal shopper will curate an itinerary tailored to your tastes. Personal shoppers are well-versed in the local fashion scene and have extensive knowledge about the best shopping destinations, hidden gems, and upcoming trends. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring that you make informed purchasing decisions and discover unique finds that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Before embarking on your shopping adventure, your personal shopper will conduct a pre-planning consultation to understand your preferences, style, and shopping objectives. This initial discussion lays the foundation for designing a customized itinerary tailored to your specific needs and interests.

Where to shop in Paris

There is a list of different shopping places for your Parisian trip. Experience the Parisian elegance no matter what would be your budget. Shop the way you want it to :

  • Department stores
  • Concept stores
  • Outlets including luxury brands
  • Second hands stores
  • Sustainable boutiques
  • Vintage shops
  • Boutiques Parisiennes
  • Shopping mall centers
  • Traditional Parisian houses
  • French designers
  • Luxury boutiques
  • The Made in France
  • Flea markets
  • Delicatessen stores

In Paris, many shops are now open on Sundays

On Sundays, the Champs-Elysées boutiques, Montmartre shops, Le Marais stores, department stores are opened. It is not in our culture to work on Sundays but in Paris, everything is possible. We offer custom-made Parisian experience via your profile and budget. Enjoy the best places to shop in Paris according to your budget and style.

Best places to shop is in Paris

Paris, often hailed as the fashion capital of the world, is a paradise for shopaholics. From haute couture to vintage treasures, the City of Light offers a diverse and vibrant shopping experience like no other.

PARIS BY EMY offers personal shoppers for an in-depth Paris shopping tour, private luxury shopping tour with private driver and a fabulous Parisian network.

At the heart of the global fashion scene, Paris holds a prestigious position. With a rich history dating back centuries, the city has been synonymous with style and elegance.

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