Wine Tour Paris

Wine tasting Paris : There are many places to taste wines of France in Paris. In addition, you can ask for a private tour in the region of Champagne or Burgundy, pretty close to the city of lights by car, with a private chauffeur and a private tour, custom-made.

Wine tasting Paris

There is a list of different wine tasting places for your Parisian trip. Taste French wine in :

  • Wine bars (bar à vin) with a tray of cheese and charcuterie
  • Wine-tasting lessons (cours d’oenologie) and initiation by a professional
  • Fabulous cellar and wine list with the wine waiter advices in a gourmet restaurant
  • And in any café, bistro or restaurant, a specific glass of wine for each dish

We recommend you places to taste red wines, white wines, champagne made in France. You may look as well for an itinerary with recommendations including or not private tour guide. Ask for a tailor-made exclusive tour in Champagne with private chauffeur.

Wine tasting Paris Annual Montmartre Harvest Fest

Every year in Mid-October, you have the Montmartre Harvest Fest to celebrate an authentic Parisian wine. Get a chance for a real wine tasting made in Paris. In the 12th century, vines were planted by the ladies of the Montmartre abbey founded by Adélaïde de Savoie. The impoverishment of the abbey leads it to sell its vineyard plots.

Ask for a private tour guide in Montmartre and discover famous café and cabarets where Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir, Toulouse Lautrec, Edith Piaf used to go to live their bohemain life. Just over a century ago, Montmartre hosted a perfect storm of artistic creativity and avant-garde thinking. Located on the highest hill of Paris, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart is the emblematic monument of Montmartre hill.

In the 16th century, the inhabitants of Montmartre, a locality then located outside Paris, were mainly laborers-winegrowers. A wall separated Paris from Montmartre, and to enter the city of Paris, you passed through tollbooths. Budget-minded drinkers used to go to Montmartre to drink tax-free beverages. The vines were cultivated from the top of the hill to the surrounding plains. In the 17th century, Montmartre wine was a small wine reserved for local consumption. Today, just one Montmartre vineyard is still under cultivation — the little Clos Montmartre, which produces about 800 bottles a year.

Glass of wine Paris Trip Planner with Private Tour

Wine in France

Wine in Middle Ages had its golden age thanks to western Christianity to celebrate the Eucharist. For kingship and aristocracy, it was a sign of prestigious status to produce wine and a way to make money by using winegrower peasants. During their banquet and also in tavern, wine was consumed with no limit. Women were allowed to drink wine after 9am, children under 7 would drink wine mixed with water. Parish priests celebrating the mess would often be overdrunk while monks would produce wine. Doctors would advise people to get drunk twice a month in order to purge their system…

PARIS BY EMY Must See in ParisBunch of champagne grapes

France can produce a large quantity of wines, very different from each other. This diversity of wines comes from the multiple terroirs across its wine regions. Constant work of men and women supports and protects our viticultural heritage that gives us appellations and denominations (AOC-AOP and IGP). The French vineyard produces more than 3,000 different wines. In addition, we have fabulous brandy (eau de vie) and liquors (spiritueux) per region. Wine tasting in Paris covers all kind of wines. Below, the major regions of French wine :

  • Alsace (mostly white wine)
  • Bordeaux (most famous wine)
  • Beaujolais (mostly young wine)
  • Bourgogne or Burgundy in English (excellent wine like Bordeaux and Champagne)
  • Bugey Savoie (white wine from the pre-Alps)
  • Champagne (one of the French fundamental wine)
  • Corse (mostly rosé wine)
  • Jura (yellow wine)
  • Languedoc Roussillon (sweet wine)
  • Lorraine (grey wine)
  • Loire (red, rosé and dry white, sparkling, mellow wine)
  • Provence (rosé, red, white wine)
  • Rhône (white and red wine from Roman times)
  • Sud-Ouest (red, rosé and white wine)

Wine tasting by PARIS BY EMY

DalGobboM¿!i? [CC BY-SA (]

Wine making

  • Harvesting
  • Crushing and pressing
  • Fermentation
  • Clarification
  • Bottling and aging

Wine tasting with

  • The eye, the first step in wine tasting
  • The nose, essential to better identify the wine
  • The mouth, the last step to better taste a wine

Why to buy wine

  • For a dinner with your dear one, family, friends
  • For a special occasion such as an anniversary
  • For a connoisseur, offer a Garde wine (vin de garde*)

*A vin de garde is a wine that can age for several years in the cellar while improving.

If you want to enjoy a gastronomic dinner with Wine tasting in Paris, ask us to book a dinner with high standing, privileges according to your taste buds. You could have a very special dinner by a tremendous chef and at the same time visit the wine cellar of prestigious gourmet restaurant. From 600 Euros per person for private tour and gourmet diner with private chauffeur. From 300 Euros per person for private tour and gourmet lunch with private chauffeur.

Where to buy wine

  • Delicatessen and gourmet shops
  • Counters from famous department stores
  • Old wine shops with the right wine at the right price

How to choose wine

  • Choose according to the cooked dish
  • Choose according to its age (millésime)
  • Choose according to its origin and grape variety (cépage)
  • Do not choose according to the price
  • Don’t trust medals trust your wine merchant or wine waiter (sommelier)

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