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Marriage Proposal Paris : You have decided to marry the person of your dreams and you choose to pop the question in the most romantic city in the world, Paris. We’ll facilitate the perfect setting !

Marriage Proposal by PARIS BY EMY

A tailor-made marriage proposal

We offer personalized marriage proposal all year round. There is no already made marriage proposal. Each proposal is unique and custom made according to your budget.

  • Exchange via email and phone to customize the proposal with our recommendations
  • Scenarisation of the proposal according to your aspirations and our expertise
  • Setting and booking according to client requests and quotation options
  • Indoor or Outdoor location selection and organization with decoration
  • On site during proposal for coordination and support during proposal

We take into consideration your budget and we do our best to provide you the marriage proposal you want. Once you have accepted the final quotation, you make a payment. We can always add services and options until the big day and adjust the marriage proposal as well.

Pack and optionsPriceDescription
Setting Marriage proposal packFrom 500 EurosExchange via email and phone to customize the proposal
Scenarisation of the proposal according to your aspirations
Setting and booking according to client requests
Indoor or Outdoor location selection and organization
On site during proposal for coordination and support
Option flowers, decoration and accessoriesFrom 100 EurosMarry Me billboard
Bouquet of red roses
Rose petals
Option Champagne and foodsFrom 200 EurosBottle of Champagne Moët & Chandon
Fruit juice, sparkling water, still water
Macarons La Durée
Delicatessen, starters, fruits...
Option private photographerFrom 300 Euros1 hour and a 1/2 - 40 high definition pictures
Option private videographerFrom 490 EurosVideos for social network and or standard video
Option private cruiseFrom 450 Euros1 hour and a 1/2 private cruise on the Seine River
Option private dinnerFrom 250 EurosSpecial table and menu setting in a restaurant
Option private driverFrom 300 EurosBerline Executive Mercedes at disposal with private driver
Option musiciansFrom 250 EurosSolo, Duo, Trio - Guitare, violon, saxophone, vocals
Option luxury shopping From 300 EurosExclusive meeting to choose the ring or to complete it
Other optionsUpon quotationSpecific requests indoor or outdoor scenarisation

Please, note that the setting of a marriage proposal takes time and is custom made. So, you shall make your request couple weeks before your arrival in Paris. We work together as a team, between you, PARIS BY EMY and our business partners to create your perfect proposal.

Each marriage proposal is personalized, smooth, intimate and elegant.

The Ring

We can help you to choose a ring or another gift. A marriage proposal with a gift is very often done. There is of course the famous engagement ring, but let’s not forget that there are many other gift ideas to replace or complete the ring.  We have a fabulous Parisian network of jewelers.

Paris Tour Package for Couple PARIS BY EMY Marriage Proposal

Indeed, we are working with grandes maisons de luxe for the perfect ring or the perfect gift, such as Cartier and Chanel. We can set private meeting, online or/and in a Parisian boutique, with you to choose the perfect ring or jewel. The ring can be deliver to your hotel, with hand delivery.

Ways of Marriage Proposal in Paris

Here’s what to find ideas for original and romantic wedding proposal :

  • The most epicure : in a gourmet Parisian restaurant
  • The most bucolic : in our beautiful gardens
  • The most Parisian : on a private Seine River cruise
  • The most theatrical : with an improvisation league
  • The most spiritual : in front of Notre Dame on its square
  • The most bohemian : during a picnic by the Seine river
  • The most romantic : in your hotel bedroom full of red rose petals
  • The most architectural : in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower

We are here to help you. You are free to make it formal or with your very own style and personality. We plan this trip into a moment to remember for the rest of your life. The best way is to be yourself, because that’s how she/he loves you, just the way you are.

Preparation of Marriage Proposal in Paris

The marriage proposal is a time that you will remember for the rest of your life. Whether it’s done on one knee in a restaurant, in the metro, in a park, in the privacy of your room or on a private cruise on the Seine River, it will remain unforgettable! Discover the important steps for a successful marriage proposal!

  • Take stock of your relationship
  • Prepare the “ground” with your partner
  • Choose the engagement ring
  • Take into account the personality of your sweetheart
  • Ask for help from family, friends and from us
  • We set the perfect moment of your Paris trip for your marriage proposal

It is a strong emotional moment but also a stressful moment for the person about to make his/her proposal. To anticipate unpleasant surprises, we set and plan everything in advance with precision because the magic lies in the details.

Paris-based, we offer Genuine personalized marriage proposal within a fabulous Parisian Network. We plan Personalized Paris Trip all inclusive as well through with a wide array of tailor-made services, and Parisian activities to fulfill your desires.

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