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Photoshoot in Paris : Photography in Paris is a must. First, because it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and second, because you want to immortalize your trip to Paris with portraits and photowalks.

The “custom-made” is our DNA, custom itinerary, custom private walking tour, custom car services, custom packages, we offer custom photoshoot in Paris. PARIS BY EMY works, as business partners, with professional photographers.

  • Paris couple photos
  • Paris marriage proposal photos
  • Paris family photos
  • Street portrait photos
  • Anniversary shooting…

Photoshoot in Paris with a private photographer by PARIS BY EMY

How to set a Photoshoot in Paris ?

We set the photoshoot(s) in Paris according to your custom itinerary and according to your aspirations. It can be portrait photoshoot and/or a photowalk. By photowalk, we mean that the photographer takes pictures of the surroundings and create collections of interesting shooting with you doing your walking in Paris. The photographer take you along the route of the walk to get unique pictures.

  • Portrait
  • Photowalk

We advise you in the case of bad weather or high level of pollution to optimize your booked session

Our photographers, English speakers, are fully dedicated to bring your vision to life through stunning high-resolution images and edited pictures. We offer :

  • Black and white pictures only
  • Colored pictures only
  • Mix of both with majority of colored pictures

You decide if you want only black and white pictures, only colored pictures or a mix of both, when and where you want your photoshoot in Paris. We give you our recommendations for great locations and great lights. We know the best photo shoot locations in Paris, including both popular and less-frequented places.

Your Paris photoshoot begins with a pre-shoot call or email if you want to tell us your vision for the session. You can send us as well, sample images and mood boards. We can visit multiple Paris photoshoot locations in one session. Don’t worry if you are camera shy or are not sure how to pose. The photographer will be there to nurture and guide you throughout the shoot. We will plan out :

  • Number of session(s)
  • Number of person(s)
  • Number of location(s)
  • Day or night session(s)
  • Time (Before noon means less crowds and better lighting)
  • Duration (usually 2-hour Paris photoshoots )

Once we have set the session(s) and you have booked thanks to our detailed quotation, you are ready to go !

  • Our 3-hour Paris photoshoots session starts from 450 Euros
  • Our 2-hour Paris photoshoots session starts from 350 Euros
  • Our 1-hour Paris photoshoots session starts from 300 Euros

After the shoot, you’ll receive a link of digital downloadable folder of high-resolution and edited images. If you’d prefer just JPG images, let us know. There is not a guaranteed amount of pictures as it depends on :

  • Distance between locations
  • Number of person(s)
  • Amount of outfit changes
  • Shoot pace between portrait photowalk

Most 2-hour Paris photoshoots end with between 40 et 60 edited photos (JPEG – high definition). Each photo will be edited, photo by photo. You will receive your photos within 7 business days. Contact us for a custom Photoshoot in Paris.

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