Paris a safe city to discover day & night

Paris travel warnings : Like in every big city in the world, you need to make be careful. However, Paris is statistically one of the safest major metropolitan areas in Europe. Just follow these basic Paris safety tips. Moreover, while visiting Paris, I will give you ongoing support for every situation.

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According to the rankings from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), Paris is one of the most powerful cities in the world when it comes to tourism. Paris welcomes between 25 and 30 million visitors each year on average. In addition to its crucial role in the economy, tourism is a vector of social cohesion and cultural sharing.

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About travel to France now

Since the atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel on Oct. 7, there’s been an alarming uptick in terrorist activity. The current situation between Israël and Palestine is tangled up with the potential risks of other terrorist attacks worldwide. Terrorism is a challenge for the international community. People need to exercise increased caution due to increased tensions in various locations around the world. France has raised its national threat level to its highest degree. Travelers shall remain vigilant at all times exactly like French citizens. However, there is no need for psychosis or fear. Life goes on.

The invasion of France by bed bugs was everywhere in the media. In fact, bed bugs have been parasitizing us for millennia, for 40,000 years. It is therefore a very old collective fear. Bed bugs have infested all the major cities in the world, Chicago and New York in the lead. Their presence in Paris is therefore no exception. These bloodsuckers are, unfortunately, everywhere. Over the last two decades, there’s been a “global resurgence” in bed bugs due to their resistance to chemical treatment.

At least but not last, free and independent media provide the public with information that allows them to make informed decisions; they demand accountability from leaders; and they present varied points of view, all without any government influence.  In countries where press freedom is limited or non-existent, the government usually owns the media or decides which media outlets can operate. It frequently censors information. And dissenting voices are muzzled. Moreover, certain media, for image, audience or commercial reasons, use “processes” dramatizing certain events or pieces of information. Via the choice of a title, vocabulary, typography, photo or drawn illustration, or through rhetorical effects, they bring out certain sordid and/or spectacular elements to attract the attention of viewers and readers.

Paris Travel Warnings

The Police Force is highly-effective in making Paris a safe place. Be careful, there are a lot of scammers and con-artists trying to take advantage of tourists, around major landmarks in Paris. They are trying to sell you a portrait or items.

Be aware of fake petitions by groups of teenagers or trying to distract you; and people offering help with your luggage. As a top touristic destination, there is a high pickpocket risk in Paris. A few simple precautions will minimize your chances of being pickpocketed.

You can touring, walking around in safety, day and night. You can wander in almost every district with a very low risk of mugging. Paris, a secure city to be around, day & night, is welcoming over 30 million tourists every year.

Paris Travel Warnings during protests

Strikes, protests, demonstrations in France are parts of our cultural heritage. If you travel to Paris during social protests, here are some recommendations  and hints :

  • Subway line 1 and 4 will work without problem because they are automatic lines
  • Taxi, Uber, and private driver are available in Paris for transportation
  • National museums, and landmarks might be closed or cancel their opening
  • Only private museums, landmarks, restaurants and private businesses would stay open
  • Avoid protest’s locations during big strike’s days and avoid night walking within Paris
  • Life goes on for millions of Parisians and French citizens during demonstrating

Engaging in protests and taking collective action have been part of France’s political culture for centuries. And this is a genuine cultural experience… PARIS BY EMY will adjust your stay in Paris and will give you ongoing support.

Useful numbers

  • Police emergency 17
  • European Emergency number from a mobile phone 112
  • Fire brigade 18
  • Emergency Ambulance Service (SAMU) 15
  • Lost or stolen credit card 0 892 705 705 – open 24/7 (0,34€/min)
  • Your Embassy in Paris

Paris travel warnings list

  • Do not leave your luggage unattended in transport
  • Remember to photocopy your identity papers and leave the originals at your hotel
  • Do not handle bundles of money in public
  • Do not wear expensive jewelry in an ostentatious way
  • Take a minimum of cash with you
  • Do not store your wallet, phone in an outside pocket or back pocket
  • Prefer a bag worn over the shoulder
  • Do not put your wallet, phone on a coffee or restaurant table
  • Tips are not mandatory but you can always leave a tip
  • Be careful with some cabarets, especially in Pigalle, where you will be imposed unwanted females’ presence and to consume drinks at very high prices
  • Prefer institutions that do not reach customers in the street and display their prices outside and inside the room.
  • All prices must be displayed inclusive of VAT
  • Buy your tickets (show, transport, …) from professional resellers

Paris Travel Warnings Just in case of …

  • For urgent consultations in English

Many practitioners at the American Hospital, the Institut Franco-Britannique and the Hôpital Foch are perfectly bilingual. It is also possible to contact SOS Médecins France on +33 (0) 1 47 07 77 77. Operators will direct you, when possible, to an English-speaking doctor.

  • If you are mugged/In case of theft

Go to a district police station (commissariat de police) to make a complaint
Phone number 3430
16 police stations in Paris 24/7
If you do not speak French, the officers will use the SAVE software available in 30 languages
If you are physically attacked, the officer will give you a document in order to be examined at:

Medical Legal Emergency (24/7) 5 rue de la Cité – 75004 Paris
Métro Cité – ligne 4, or Saint-Michel Notre-Dame – RER B
Telephone 01 42 34 82 85/01 42 34 82 85 29/01 42 34 87 00

Paris Aide aux Victimes (Doctor, counseling, lawyer, psychological support …)

  • Antenne Sud from 9am to 5pm only with appointment
    From Monday to Friday – Telephone: 01 87 04 21 36
    12-14 rue Charles Fourier 75013 Paris, Métro Tolbiac – ligne 7
  • Antenne Nord from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm only with appointment
    From Monday to Friday – Telephone: 01 53 06 83 50
    22 rue Jacques Kellner 75017 Paris, Métro Porte de Saint Ouen – ligne 13

1 central police office for each arrondissement/district open 24/7

The mission of the “Préfecture de Police” is to maintain law and order, to enforce traffic regulations, supervise Paris taxis, and to ensure the security of the general public and their property.

Each “commissariat” or police station is responsible for the security of their arrondissement. Victims of a break-in or an attack, police headquarters are at your disposal 24hrs a day, 7 days a week to provide assistance. Local police units open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm are responsible for community policing.

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