Art Gallery Paris: The one that interests us is the gallery owner because she/he is the most central and dynamic actor on this market: according to her/his vision of art, she/he selects and sells works of passed or living artists, via her/his gallery, via fairs and exhibitions, to collectors, to museums and public institutions, to companies.

Art and Art Gallery

Art is inseparable from culture, in the sense that it is an attachment to a system of values (ideas and materials) traditional or new, socially transmitted, retrospective, powerful, legitimized, and recognized. The work of art can also be a cultural good insofar as it belongs to the community.

The gallery owner works with artists and identifies new talents, she/he collaborates with journalists, art critics and she/he also promotes art in the direction of a public, at an international level (or not) since each actor of this network is part of a cosmopolitan and international network.

My Art Galleries selection

I will focus my choices on 3 different major art gallery  Paris categories by presenting them to you according to your aspirations :

  • Small avant-garde (or hyper modern) galleries
    Specialized in avant-garde art, they participate in international fairs and exhibitions. They are absolutely not on the secondary market.
  • Large avant-garde (or hyper modern) galleries
    The aesthetic choices are very close to the small avant-garde galleries and have a greater seniority than the small galleries. They have an international presence and sell to public institutions
  • Galleries defending figurative art (or classic contemporary art)
    Small galleries present almost exclusively on the first market, with few employees rather specialized in contemporary figurative art

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