Paris Trip According to Your Aspirations

Like a wedding planner, PARIS BY EMY creates  tailor-made trips for each clients’ personal preferences and interests. Whether you are solo, a couple, a family, a group or on a business travel, make the most of your time : discover iconic landmarks and historical districts, explore hidden gems, embrace French culture, try local cuisine, enjoy recreational activities, experience spiritual sites and go off the beaten track. Be receptive to different perspectives, cultural discovery is an enriching experience. Cultural tourism is also preserving cultural heritage and our planet.

Personalized Tours and Luxury Services

Paris-based within a fabulous network, let me enhance your travel journey by a wide array of luxury services and a custom-made Paris tour package : personalized itinerary, private tour guide with optional driver in electric Mercedes van, airport hotel transfer, hotel and restaurant recommendations, leisure activity booking such as Louvre private tours, baking class, wine tasting, private luxury shopping, Normandy, Champagne tour… Your trip is personalized, optimized with expertise and efficient time management according to your interests, preferences and spending orientations.

Be Cosseted Ongoing Support and No Platform

PARIS BY EMY provides a travel experience for each client based on ongoing support before your arrival and during your stay through genuine human exchange: no platform, no already-made. You will not see us on touristic platform. Be cosseted, pampered and enjoy a stress-free travel. We are here for unforeseen events. Each interaction contributes to a personalized adventure that is exclusively yours within our fabulous Parisian network. We optimize every aspect of your journey, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the City of Lights.

Paris Olympics 2024 logo
I had the great honor of being interviewed by David Chazan, journalist at the Times Magazine London, regarding my Amélie Poulain’s movie tour and its re-programming in cinemas throughout France during the 2024 Olympic Games. From Friday July 26 to Sunday August 11, the Olympic Games will be held, then from August 28 to September 8, the Paralympic Games. Transport will be busy, this will impact your travel. We favor our driving private tours with electric vehicle. In addition, you can choose our private walking tours guide [Read more]

Inspiring Travelers

Emy is my American nickname for Emelyne. I lived 5 years in the United States of America in my twenties (study, graduate and work). Having friends from the US visiting Paris, it gave me the idea of PARIS BY EMY. In addition to living 5 years in the US, I travelled to many corners of the world such as : Europe, Africa & the Middle East.

  • To explore Paris with tailor-made tours
  • To share thought, culture and lifestyle
  • To provide personalized services

With a master’s degree in Business, a corporate background of 15 years in SMB industrial group, I became entrepreneur in 2018. Indeed, after 8 months in an incubator, I have created PARIS BY EMY, a company dedicated to planning bespoke vacation packages with private tours, focusing on high quality services and local culture.

Tailor-Made Paris Itinerary

Itinerary for 3 days or more : Enjoy a customized itinerary with museum ticket booking and personalized services. Paris based, we set iconic Parisian tours. Each itinerary is custom-made according to your aspirations for each day of your stay. We optimize your time with our local network that others may not have

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Luxury Paris Tour Package

Paris Trip Package : All inclusive vacation custom package, we recommend hotels, restaurants, museums with booking, boutiques, leisure activities, and set custom itinerary, airport hotel transfer, private tour guide with private driver, special event organization such as marriage proposal

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Private Tour Guide with Optional Driver

Personal Tour Guide Paris : Hotel pick up by local private guide, for a tailor-made tour according to your aspirations, historical Paris, iconic monuments, off the beaten track, museum private tour guide, shopping, Normandy landing beach tour, Champagne tasting tour, with private driver in electric Mercedes van

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From 3 Star hotel recommendations

Best places to stay in Paris verified by PARIS BY EMY, we recommend hotels among 1,500 Parisian hotels according to your criteria. We identify the perfect hotel’s features and greatest locations. Paris based, we recommend hotels from 3 to 5 star palace hotel with the greatest view. From your hotel district, we set a customized itinerary

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Gourmet restaurant recommendations

Paris as the “City of Love,” is equally the city of food lovers. From traditional bistros, charming bakeries, delicatessen stores, famous brasseries to Michelin-starred establishments, PARIS BY EMY recommend you restaurants with reservation for the greatest food experience of breakfast, lunch, diner among 13,000 Parisian restaurants, according to your buds and preferences

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Leisure activity recommendations

No matter of who you are, a family, a couple, a group of friends, a teacher with students, we set private city tours and activities, according to your interests : Beauty and wellness experience, cooking class, macaron workshop, baking class, louvre private tour guide, private luxury shopping with a driver, wine tasting, souvenir photoshoot, Seine River private cruise, perfume workshop...

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