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Where to stay in Paris : With more than 1 500 hotels, this is one of the most difficult part. With our help, it becomes easy. You have the choice among 3 proposals hotels, according to your criteria and budget, such as price per night, number of stars, location,… All proposals hotels are regulated in France.

Planning a trip to Paris

From your hotel location, we set an itinerary. The opposite is true. We recommend lodging according to your itinerary, tailor-made and easy to read on smartphone if you want to be on your own, a part of your stay in Paris. Your Paris Trip, tailor-made by a local with custom-made package, and tailor made private tour guide.

PARIS BY EMYWe set your trip like a wedding planner
Custom made Paris traveler package up to 6 personsFrom 400 Euros including tax fully customizable
Tailor made private tour guide up to 6 personsFrom 170 Euros including tax according to your aspirations

Hotel Paris Tour Package by PARIS BY EMY

5-star rating system for Paris hotels

The accommodation choices of the City satisfies all desires – and all budgets. Ask us to recommend you hotels, with a great location and excellent features.

  • Travelers can rely on the universally used 5-star rating system, which judges features such as room and lobby size
  • There are more than 75,000 hotel rooms in the city of lights, a large proportion of small and privately owned hotels
  • A single room 1-star hotel shared bathroom runs 35 euros a night; grand suites 5-star hotels go for 15,000 euros

Indeed, the choice of your lodging is the biggest expenditure of your trip and the hotel location is the most important point on your stay. On hotel search engines or websites, they tell you they have the best locations but information and photos can be misleading and deceitful. We review and check each hotel we recommend.

A minimum of 3-star hotels are highly recommended. Those hotels offer very good options. They are in the mid-range. Count around 200 Euros for a night with breakfast, within center of Paris.

Our 3 lodging recommendations

Rates can vary wildly, depending on the season, the availability and can be negotiated. You may ask yourself what is the best time to visit Paris. It depends on many criteria.

  • We offer 3 hotel recommendations according to your criteria
  • PARIS BY EMY can negotiate for you directly with the hotel
  • Each accommodation is carefully reviewed by PARIS BY EMY visiting each of them
  • The recommendations/reviews are sent by email and you make the best hotel choice
  • We have not signed particular agreements with any hotels

From the palace to the small charming hotels, through all the major hotel chains worldwide, we find inevitably the best lodging for you. There is no better option to have a Parisian company to check hotels for you, according to your criteria and budget. We simply select and recommend 3 perfect hotels for you to choose one.

We set an itinerary depending on your aspirations AND your hotel location. We set your Paris Trip itinerary and coordination between activities, with transport information. We negociate with the best providers the best prices for you via your aspirations and budget. We are here for you to look for solutions to last minute unforeseen events.

Paris itinerary for family, couple, small group, school trips by PARIS BY EMY

Hotel Recommendations and Booking

PARIS BY EMY does not take any commission on your choice of hotel and leaves you the choice of booking your chosen hotel. You have the possibility to ask PARIS BY EMY to book your hotel for you with commission/fee on the total cost VAT. Moreover, you will have to pay for the tourist tax of 1.88 Euros per day and per person for the duration of your stay. Finally, if you take extra at your hotel, you will pay directly the hotel when you leave on your last day.

Cancellation policy depends on each hotel. You can cancel for FREE your hotel reservation if you cancel your reservation between 14 days  to 1 day before your arrival date, depending on the chosen hotel’s policy. Any late cancellation or no show at the hotel will be subject to an overnight stay, in certain case the full amount for the duration of your stay will be debited.

PARIS BY EMY has its own insurance to cover its services of conciergerie and private tour guide. However, you might add your own travel insurance with the CFAR option to cover your trip from A to Z. We recommend you to opt for a travel insurance with the Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) option. It protects you against :

  • Overseas emergency medical assistance
  • Medical expenses occuring if you get sick or hurt on your trip
  • Loss or theft of luggage and personal belongings
  • Unused and nonrefundable trip costs (hotel, airfare expenses…)

What to choose between hundreds of hotels ?

Thanks to reviews and rating on the internet, you have a good insight about lodging. However, among dozen and sometimes hundreds of good rated hotels, you may need a little help to make the right choice.

  • With more than 1 500 hotels in Paris, this is probably the most difficult part
  • Choosing a good hotel is complicated when you are not within the city
  • With the help and advices of PARIS BY EMY, it becomes very easy

Choose your lodging according to what you want to visit in Paris but also according to the atmosphere you want to experience. The hotel district is VERY important. You might have dinner and walking around your hotel.

Paris tour Package by PARIS BY EMY Paris Trip Planner

Type of lodging

  • Small and privately owned hotels
  • Large hotel chains
  • Suite hotels
  • Conference Centers and Commercial Hotels
  • Palaces
  • Boats hotels
  • Aparthotels
  • Collective accommodations

Accommodations according to your criteria

  • Price per night
  • Number of stars
  • With breakfast
  • Size of the room
  • Full service on-site restaurants
  • Air-conditioning
  • Soundproofed rooms
  • Free wifi access
  • Kitchenette…

Security and Serenity

The 3 lodging recommendations we advise are all regulated in France by the hotel industry for the respect of security norms and transparency.

  • Many rentals advertised may be by owners who are not legally entitled to rent their apartments. Keep in mind that they may not have insurance to cover events, such as personal and accident coverage.
  • Moreover, luggage storage may be a problem. The downside is that there is no room services or desk clerk.
  • In some cases, owners may cancel at the last minute, leaving you stranded for a place to stay – which could be a problem in high tourist season.
  • For most hotels, you pay when you stay with the option of free cancellation.

This is why we offer 3 lodging recommendations all regulated in France, security norms, services and flexibility.

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Other very important criteria

  • Paris district location of your hotel

You may choose a hotel in a certain district with a certain type of atmosphere. Paris has 20 arrondissements, districts. Your hotel location may facilitate your visit according to the sightseeing, landmarks, museums… you want to explore.

Always keep in mind that your hotel location is essential. It may be the most important criteria.

The same neighborhood also offers a far different hotel experiences. Furthermore, you save time and energy to optimize your trip.


Attribution: “Plan: 2005 J.M. Schomburg”

  • Proximity to metro station from your hotel

Your hotel may be fully accessible by métro, RER train, according to your roadmap and private tours. It might help you to save your time and energy to discover Paris and at the same time to optimize your trip.

You have the option to ask for private car services and private tour guide with hotel pick up.

Paris Private Tour Guide

Paris is a safe city but like big cities, there are areas which you should take precautions in. Train stations are attractive to pickpockets, especially around Gare du Nord. Avoid areas on the outer reaches of the métro lines. Find out our Paris Travel Warnings. We offer custom made Paris tours with tones of personalized services.

Metro Paris tour package by PARIS BY EMY

  • Particular aspects of your hotel

You may desire a hotel with a great story, a great view of the Eiffel Tower, a great style from classic to ultra-modern, a concierge, a private garden, an especially good breakfast, Spa hotel services… to feel the Parisian elegance and cosy.

That’s where the hotel option comes in — somewhere in Paris is that suitable find with a great style, great services, soundproofed rooms, and pressed linen sheets in a historical district, just a few steps from a cozy café.

You are looking for a hotel in Paris with few rooms, fancy services, for families or for couples ? Choose a charming little hotel, peaceful, or choose a hotel including all the luxury accommodations services with a great Chef in its restaurant to have fabulous dining times.

Certainly, a rented apartment can be more affordable. However, the apartment option is only for visitors who don’t mind the possible hassle of a temperamental lock, an unreliable toilet, an absent concierge or a forgotten door code. And not everyone wants the option of no front desk, no room services, cooking, making coffee or washing clothes on vacation.

Hotel accommodation Paris Tour Package by PARIS BY EMY

Where to stay in Paris

Each accommodation is carefully reviewed by PARIS BY EMY who will have visited each of the 3 proposals. Do not forget, your hotel location and your itinerary are related.

  • Selection of 3 hotels
  • Visit of the 3 hotels
  • Review of the 3 hotels

The recommendations are sent by email. We exchange regarding your choice with advices from a French parisienne company which has not signed particular agreements with any hotels. You have the possibility to ask PARIS BY EMY to book your hotel for you with a commission/fee on the total cost VAT.

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